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SYTYCD Results

Lah dee dah dah! I will tell you pre-cut, I REALLY like Ashleigh. I was thinking of the results on and off all day, and I even had a dream that partially was about them. And it all centered around, oh, please I don't want to lose Ashleigh! So did I?

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In fact, she wasn't even in the bottom-two! Hah! And hopefully, this actually does mean that she's a lot more popular than people expect because unlike Kathryn (come on, we all knew Noelle was a foregone conclusion), she had a controversial first dance and an utterly CRAPTASTIC second dance. Kathryn's first dance was gorgeous, and she was great in her second dance (if having no heat with Nathan). So, go Ashleigh!! And I am happy that Kathryn is safe because she's fabulous.

As for the guys? Color me shocked! I completely expected Ryan to go home and I was bummed about it because I love him. I know that Nathan was a favorite of mine going back to last season's try-outs, but he never really lived up to the potential. And paired with a different partner, Mollee was fabulous (in my opinion), while Nathan still did not shine, so I wasn't surprised. But Ryan has just been so rock-solid (but for that one early, unfortunate hip-hop).

As for the show, that opening dance was crappy (hello, Tyce!), but I did like that Ashleigh and Ryan got the chance to dance together (celebrated their fifth anniversary a few weeks ago), and if the kiss was a bit much in the middle of a dance, I have no doubt it was choreographed and the romantic in me couldn't help but aww! a little because it's always nice seeing people past the honeymoon phase in a relationship still seem so in love. Yes, that means that I would love to see them paired up next week; 'twould be awesome.

And I haven't voted so far this season, but you can bet your booty, I'll be voting for Ashleigh next week! Love her.
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