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So You Think You Can Dance - Top 10

There were some fabulous routines tonight on So You Think You Can Dance, some routines that were over-rated, and some that were meh, and one that was flat-out bad!

Re: Solos? Russell, Legacy and Ashleigh were the only solos I found even remotely impressive with Legacy getting the nod as my favorite.

Ryan/Noelle - Sorry, I barely remember either routine. Uhm, the desk-dance was okay, a tad sexist with moves completely reminiscent of the Mandy Moore awesome-sauce Neil/Sabra table-dance. And the waltz was pretty, I guess. But yeah, I'll be surprised if these two aren't in the bottom.

Legacy/Ashleigh - I LOVED, LOVED their first routine. The precision and control, the dynamic of it, the athleticism was just gorgeous. And then came that utter piece of crap that was their second routine. Wow! Was that bad. Really bad. The choreography, the costumes, the everything. I don't blame them at all, they had LITERALLY nothing to work with. I swear, if Ashleigh is in the bottom because that lame-ass choreographer didn't actually choreograph a number for them I will be very pissed. And this is, I think, the first time that all three judges all but said, whoa, that choreography sucked. And you know what? It did.

Nathan/Kathryn - I thought the Broadway routine was very well done; lovely choreography and the two of them sold it beautifully. It really felt like I was watching a routine from the 40s/50s. Well-done. The second routine? Awful costume on Nathan, horribly non-matching with Kathryn's, complete and utter lack of believable passion (I so dislike agreeing with Mary, but it was true), just no, no, no.

Jacob/Ellenore - The quickstep was good; not great, but it was good. Just a little boring, sorry. As for the second piece ... sorry, I don't get it. I even watched it a second time after Nigel praised it to the high heavens. It was good, extremely well-danced, but, with very rare exceptions, I do NOT like Sonya's choreography. I like her, but her choreography seems to be weird just to be weird. I'm sorry, I know many hated Mia by the time she left, but if Sonya is supposed to fill Mia's 'awesome contemporary choreographer' slot, it ain't happening for me.

Mollee/Russell - My favorite pair of the night definitely. I thought there first routine was GORGEOUS -- one of my favorites this season -- and that Mollee showed incredible control. Yes, she appeared to do more than Russell did, but his partnering work should NOT be discounted. Most of what she did would simply not have worked at all, had she not him there to catch her, guide her, support her. It truly was a team effort, her part in it was just a bit more showy. And then the second routine just showed them both off. It was fun, fast, flirty, playful and just all-around fabulous. Not so much a fan of agreeing with Nigel either, but I definitely agree that I really wish these two had been paired from the beginning. They were wonderful, wonderful together. By far the best overall of the night.

Who's in the bottom? I think it's a bottom four, and if so I *think* it will be possibly Ryan, Nathan or Jacob, and Noelle, Ellenore or (sniff, sniff) Ashleigh. I think Russell and Mollee -- thanks to those two wonderful routines -- are the only safe couple. But I don't really know.

ETA: Yeah, if DialIdol is even remotely right, Mollee is a sure-fire bottom-placer. :Shrugs: She shouldn't be; she did wonderful tonight, but haters are gonna hate, LOL!
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