Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Oh, Simon/Katie ... why can't I quit you?

Even though I read spoilers that indicated that this go-round of Paul Leyden's visit ends the Simon/Katie part of it pretty quickly, I broke down. I youtubed their first scenes. And I damn near cried. I know Paul is leaving in January; I know this. I know he won't stick around. But, oh man, there's a part of me that can't help but think of last time. They were going to do Katie/Simon, and if Paul liked it, he was likely going to sign for a longer contract, but the producers didn't realize that and so switched stories and did the ludicrous Carly/Simon story (which both actors essentially laughed about as completely ludicrous) to usher off Maura West for her pregnancy with Simon as the push for her leaving. So now he's back, only for a little bit, but watching the Simon/Katie scenes, GAH!, I can't help but wish that maybe they're gonna write Simon/Katie right again, maybe he'll stay. I don't know. I know it's crazy; I know I'm setting myself up for disappointment, but damn were they good!

Simon was so Simon and Katie was so Katie. Terri was perfection, the chemistry, the passion, the rhythm of these two actors just sprung immediately back to life. Simon acknowledging that Katie is the only person he cares about still, the fact that she's the one he's never been able to let go (in so many words). Katie saying "I was over you," which intended or not and paired with Terri's delivery absolutely read that once again, so quickly, Simon completely got under skin. Forget what Henry said for Brad in the "pros" column; Simon is, and always will be, the love of Katie's life.

Gah! This is just torture!!!
Tags: as the world turns, katie/simon, terri conn

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