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Dancing with the Stars ... the Finale Results

I so have to give myself props, LOL! This is what I wrote after the first night of this season:
My favorites in order based on personality, talent and potential.

- Kelly/Louis ... Color me surprised, but she was absolutely charming with an infectious smile; I love my Louis, they have chemistry and I just adored them. And she did a lovely job dancing. Every time she smiled during the dance, I beamed, and the Ozzy/Sharon reaction did get to me. I want her to win. She's officially my favorite. (And, yes, I love the accent.)

- Donny/Kym ... I LOVED him! - already so much better than Marie. Great personality, but not too over the top, and dance-wise, he was fabulous.

- Mya/Dimitry ... Ringer or not, that was glorious, and they have chemistry! Plus, I really liked her in the interviews.
And here we are ... the final three. I may have changed my mind on loving Mya throughout the competition, but I sure picked 'em good.

Now onto the results ... I knew Kelly was gonna place third, but I still gloriously enjoyed every moment with her tonight. Her final dance was beautiful, the crowd cheering non-stop and chanting her name was awesome. The love and friendship that Kelly and Louis displayed was fantastic. They are absolutely my second favorite pair out of all nine seasons on this show (sorry, but Julianne/Apolo may likely always hold that spot!); I adored them and adored watching them. So much.

With that said ... I was literally chanting "Donny and Kym! Donny and Kym! Donny and Kym!" as Tom was doing his spiel leading up to the announcement and then he said "Donny and Kym!!!" Woohoo!! I cheered and screamed, yay, yay, yay!!! While I would have been ecstatic if Kelly had won, she didn't really deserve it and I did love Donny from the get-go too, so yay!

Random thoughts --

- Hah, when Tom said he doesn't play favorites, I had to laugh, because he's played favorites one other time during this show. Uh huh, you guessed it, Julianne and Apolo! He so obviously loved them to bits.

- Speaking of Tom ... loved his beginning the obligatory speech when handing the Trophy Ball to Donny and then just smoothly changed it mid-speak to "but first he has to go for a hug. Will somebody take this?" I love Tom Bergeron. He makes up for the inanity of Samantha Harris. Which is saying A LOT.

- I did enjoy the comebacks for the most part, but was saddened (and agreeing with Tom) that Natalie so should have been there in the finale. And hello! where was that connection between her and Alec during their time on the show?!?! Seriously?!? They were so connected tonight. Ah well. IMO, she's the best, most likable dancer who never made it to the finals.

- Adam Corolla's Camp Corrolla was hysterical; I was rolling.

- Also funny? The loser's club (man, how has Kenny Mayne managed to become so beloved on this show, I don't know, but he sure has) and the fact that Ashley left Edyta to dance with Jeffrey cracked me up.

Overall, this was a weak season but for Kelly/Louis, Donny/Kym and Natalie/Alec, but at least two out of the three did make it to the finals and I did enjoy that.

Well-done, Donny! You've made up for the horror of Marie. You most definitely have.

And one more for the road, Kelly, I love you! Kelly/Louis ROCK!
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