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I must say I am quite, quite glad that I never got completely hooked on Barney/Robin. I've read a few fics, and read the comm for news and such, but I'm not obsessive at all. (Note there are vague spoilers -- and some profanity -- under the cut.)

Because the fucker pulled out the "we're giving viewers what they REALLY want, not what they THINK they want" spiel. Really, Bays? REALLY!? I just -- ugh, I had SUCH respect and faith for the Bays/Thomas team of this show. Not just about the show in general, but about Barney/Robin in particular the first half of season four. But other than a few episodes in the second half, I was beginning to lose that faith, but figured I'd wait and see how they played out the Barney/Robin relationship in this season. And, as I posted about here, I've been very, very disappointed. And now this!? What is "this" you may ask ... read for yourself:
How I Met Your Mother’s decision to bring the Barney-Robin love story to a premature climax has left fans feeling decidedly unsatisfied. But executive producer Carter Bays insists the romance was sacrificed for a greater good: the preservation of Neil Patrick Harris’ legendary ladies’ man.

“None of us wanted to see Barney wearing a sweater-vest and going to bed-and-breakfasts,” says Bays, adding that it makes sense the relationship would “flame out fast” given that “neither of them, at their core, really wanted to be tied down.” Bays also believes that, deep down, viewers prefer single Barney to attached Barney. “It’s one of those things where you can give people what they think they want, or what they really want.”

And should some of them feel that they really want him to settle down with Robin, Bays offers this bit of hope. “[They] could get relationship amnesia and decide, ‘Hey, this is a good idea!’” he proposes. “This could be the first of many flameouts for them.”

Bays, however, stops short of saying a full-fledged reconciliation could be in their future. “I don’t want to say reconciliation,” he says. “But the story is not over, for sure.”
I just shake my head at it. THEY are the ones who chose to write Barney and Robin horribly out of character, fitting them into a square peg of a relationship when that is NOT Robin and Barney and NOT something that pretty much ANY FAN of the pair wanted. And they are the ones who wrote everything around them so off -- especially Lily. Oh, and THEY are the ones who are writing some deep, romantic connection for Robin two seconds after breaking up with Barney with some Don-dude, which makes even more of a joke about what Bays said here. As I said over at barneyrobin: Yeah, none of us wanted Barney sweater-vesting and bed-and-breakfasting, but my God, there is a HUGE area to play with between that and Barney being a ladies' man.


There was so much awesomeness they could have done with Barney and Robin if they had just written them AS Barney and Robin, but in a relationship together. Instead they wrote pretty much EVERYTHING WRONG with them that they possibly could.

What. the. fuck. ever!
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