Arabian (arabian) wrote,

SYTYCD - Top 16, quick thoughts

Just a few thoughts, only the vaguest of vague spoilers.

- Karen bores me. Sorry, but true. Kevin pwned her in that routine.
- Legacy continues to amaze. Uhm, gee, judges, do you think that maybe if Kathryn hadn't been dressed as 50's easy teeny-bopper, she wouldn't have come across as juvenile?
- I love Ashleigh; I know many others do not. I do not care; she is so my favorite.
- Ryan and Ellenore, I still love, even if you sucked that hip-hop.
- Channing and Victor's routine? Gorgeous ... if only a different pair had danced it.
- I think I've figured out the issue with Nathan and Mollee's pairing. They are not connecting and their disparate personalities are making that disconnect worse: Nathan is withdrawing into himself, and Mollee is pushing too far to make it work. Result: So, so, so not working. And, not to take away from the hot mess that was that salsa, but seriously, costuming? You're trying to portray Mollee as something other than bright and sunny and you put her in a BRIGHT, YELLOW dress?!?! Seriously!?

Tags: evan kasprzak, neil haskell, sytycd, tv

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