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So You Think You Can Dance (6/28)

Just a note, I realized as it began that I clearly have three favorites because they were definitely who I was looking forward to the most: Natalia/Musa, Benji/Donyelle and Jessica/Jaymz.

  • Ashley/Ben - They had NO connection and should never do sexy choreography again -- it does not work. Ben just looked really uncomfortable (and I love him). Ashley is good, but she just does nothing for me.

  • Heidi/Ryan - I'm giving the choreographer the benefit of the doubt because I like his other stuff and say that it was the dance style that I HATED! I seriously viscerally hated this with a passion. They looked like their limbs were flailing, they weren't together at all. I watched with my jaw dropped in utter dismay. I thought this was dreadful, horrific, ghastly. Furthermore, I don't know what crack the judges were smoking, but these two have no chemistry, no connection. Just, guh, it could give me nightmares.

  • Dimitri/Aleksandra - It just wasn't organic; I could see them working the choreography out, not fluid at all. These two simply had no connection, no passion together. Alex was stiff, unyielding and Dimitri was beautiful, but I worry about him in n terms of partnering because it's rather come across as if he is just an ungenerous partner.

  • Ivan/Allison - Finally a couple with chemistry! Allison is simply wonderful, and while Ivan has improved, he is still quite stiff and his footwork left a lot to be desired. He is incredibly likable, but I think the judges were too easy on him.

  • Benji/Donyelle - (Their package was utterly a joy to watch.) HOT! HOT! HOT! Awesome, awesome, awesome!!! Sexy, connected, combustible, just wonderful, YES!!! (I hated the costumes though, but not their fault.)

  • Natalia/Musa - Their weakest performances, but I still feel so much with them, they have such connection, such chemistry, they are smooth, sexy, that I just can't not enjoy them. And you can see how much they work to get it done.

  • Jessica/Jaymz - I honestly did not think it possible for anyone (if not Natalie/Musa) to give a better performance than the awesomeness of Benji/Donyelle, but then Jessica and Jaymz came out and completely and utterly blew my socks off. This may be my favorite performance of the entire competition thus far. It literally gave me goosebumps. Awesome, beautiful, magical. The choreography was exquisite, the costumes gorgeous, the chemistry and connection was palpable. This was just wonderful. I adored it.

  • Martha/Travis - And I continue to be unimpressed. They are both great dancers; they are just not great together. As in last week, they spent much of their shared choreography off and not in sync, they have no chemistry, no connection. Again, great individual dancers, just not together. And I did not like the choreography.

    As for the judges, I really liked the two guest judges -- they were cool. Mary still bugs, Nigel was on crack about the Heidi/Ryan number, but other than that, I mostly agreed with him.

    My top three:

    Jessica/Jaymz - Amazing!
    Benji/Donyelle - Wonderful.
    Natalie/Musa - Not their best, but I still like them and no one else stepped up, IMO, to beat them.

    My bottom three:

    Heidi/Ryan - I do like Heidi, but this routine made my skin crawl.
    Dimitri/Alex - Not good.
    Ashley/Ben - They just don't work well together.

    Who will be in the bottom? I have no idea other than the likelihood of Dimitri/Alex with Alex probably going. I'd like to see Heidi/Ryan there as well with Ryan going, but we'll see.
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