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05 November 2009 @ 05:23 am
SYTYCD - Top 18 ....  
Tonight featured, I think, my favorite dance ever seen on this show ever (yes, that means, I liked it better than "Bleeding Love" because this one had awesome costumes and there were so many moments of choregraphy that just BLEW MY FRICKIN' MIND!). Thoughts on it and the other dances, Adam, etc. behind the cut.

First off, I love Adam Shankman. So much. Yes, he talks too much, and meanders a bit, but nine out of ten times I agree with him so much. Also, he doesn't just mindlessly tongue-bathe the choreographers. Also, he is just awesome and sincere and real. I love him.

Russell/Noelle - Yeah, this was bad. Sorry, Russell, I love you, but yeah, no. I do blame the choreography more than them though because it was just dreadful.

Ashleigh/Jacob - Love her so much. Jacob, I like a lot, but Ashleigh I adore. I don't care if she annoys others, she's a delight to me and a SENSATIONAL dancer. Plus, she sold the HELL out of that routine. And I completely agreed with every comment that Adam made -- especially the unnecessary move by Jacob, it pulled me out of the dance too, but the beginning? Oh, that was just so beautifully done. Great job by these two, they have a fantastic chemistry.

Bianca/Victor - I actually said "lose it" along with Adam, and had talked to myself about their lack of abandon and Mary called it. Great dancing, great concept (even if the choreography did bite a bit, but you know, Tyce + Broadway = Fail!), but they needed to just lose it, let go and completely abandon themselves to the music, the moves, the spirit, and they didn't at all.

Mollee/Nathan - I don't know how a more mature couple would have danced this, possibly it would have been better, but I think they did fabulous. It was a strong routine, extremely well-danced and both kept grabbing my attention at different intervals. They have chemistry, they have charisma and they can dance. With that said, it was still only my third fave routine of the night, but that's because the other two above it were sensational.

Kevin/Karen - I was meh on the choreography, and hated Karen's outfit, so this one didn't work for me. And yes, she's amazingly charismatic, but even I could see her spaghetti arms. Come on, judges. Still, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Kevin is toast soon enough, but Karen will likely be around for awhile.

Channing/Victor - Channing did well here and there, I could see her pulling it off in parts, but overall? This was a mess. Phillip was a mess, and those lifts were awful. Just terribly labored. However, I do want to point out that like Adam said (go, Adam!), I noticed the connection between them and that was well-done. Still, this was a hot mess.

Legacy/Kathryn - Pipsqueak all you want when you cry, girl, I am yours. After that routine, you got me. I'm sold, hook, line and sinker. This routine was AMAZING! I watched it over again once it was finished and was still sitting agog when it was done the second time. I kept repeating to myself: 'That was amazing.' It so was. The choreography was incredible. I mean, UTTERLY, FANTASTICALLY, AMAZINGLY, INTRICATELY, BEAUTIFULLY incredible. To say I was blown away is an understatement. Legacy was fantastic. Kathryn was fan-fantastic. They sold that story so perfectly; I was spellbound. This is my favorite routine in six seasons' worth of this show. WOW!

Peter/Pauline - I think I would have liked this more had I not just sat through the wonder of the previous dance. It was Wade, it was weird, I hated the background moving around and taking away from the dance. And I disagreed with Adam (sniff, sniff), I don't think Pauline committed, while Peter did. Again, I don't really like Pauline so it could just be that.

Ryan/Ellenore - This was my second favorite dance of the night. It was so tense, so tightly coiled, I was practically breathless. They were both so sharp, so on point, it was very, very impressive. And the connection between the two from beginning to end was perfection. Add to that, the fact that Ellenore danced at least half (at least, Cat! so not only 40%) of that dance with her dress caught on her heel? WOWZA!!

Fave dances: Legacy/Kathryn | Ryan/Ellenore | Mollee/Nathan

Fave dancers: Ashleigh | Kathryn | Ellenore

The bottom four: Noelle | Bianca | Victor | Phillip

Going Home: Noelle | Phillip

And I was right on my guesses of the bottom four, but yeah, I thought Bianca would stay even though I do think that Noelle's solo was stronger. I just expected her to stay longer -- considering all she went through -- and she didn't even get a chance to stick around for the public vote where I feel she would have lasted quite awhile. It just sucks. Noelle is good, but I really did like Bianca. Ah well.
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another damn jenn: Hey.  HEY!  (BBT)stargated on November 5th, 2009 01:12 am (UTC)

Let me just up to this point I was kind of.. I think disgusted is too strong a word, but I definitely wasn't feeling Legacy at all. FIRST off, what is up with that nickname. Sure, his b-boy skills were amazing, but I didn't think much of his anything else.

UNTIL NOW. I am totally with you, that dance was freaking AMAZING.

It makes me write in CAPS.

I also agree that Bianca would've stayed longer if we could've voted for her. I would've voted for her at least 5 times- because that's what I do when I like someone. XD

And to think, I voted for Evan all last season because I was waiting for Ryan.... to be kicked off for sucking :(

He should've been picked last season when he did well. He pretty much carried Evan through Vegas.

Also, is it just me, or is Ellenore kind of like a mini Cam (from BONES fame)? I mean that in the best way, I think both of them are ridiculously gorgeous.
Arabian: Jim & Kaley - Heartsarabian on November 5th, 2009 01:30 am (UTC)
Oh, dear, we definitely disagree on Evan. I ADORED Evan! He's my third-favorite dancer EVER on SYTYCD. Evan was fantastic the season before and carried himself beautifully, but then was screwed week after week after week after week after flipping week last season. Check out my posts for that last season, I detailed it.

I can see that in Ellenore, but I actually think she's prettier.
another damn jenn: Penny loves you. (BBT)stargated on November 5th, 2009 01:46 am (UTC)
I did like Evan. I just mostly liked him because I developed a liking for Ryan in last season's Vegas week with his whoopie-cushion routine.

In any case I did like the "my girl is preggo so I'm going to marry her" hip-hop routine he did with Brandie. And their sex jazz thing with the table... And of course there was the Butt routine.

Anyway! I did like Evan... I voted every week for him... I just... liked Ryan more.

And ELLENORE IS DEF PRETTIER, but they're pretty in a similar way. :D They also have similar sounding voices, which is kind of awesome.

I will definitely check out your reviews of last season... After I stop rewatching BBT. XD
harper47harper47 on November 5th, 2009 03:59 am (UTC)
Yes, we have the same top 4 faves. I just adored Legacy and Kathryn's dance. It was amazing.