Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Oh, Jonathan Jackson, I love you so!

I haven't watched General Hospital in years -- mostly because I despise the character of Sonny Corinthos above all others, but damn, if I could resist tuning in for Jonathan Jackson's return as Lucky. Love him so much.

I really hope that Lucky finds out about Liz's lust for Nikolas (oh, so whatever!), and they break up. Then Liz and Nikolas can try, and meanwhile, Lucky will rethink his career path, quit the police force, become a detective or something and patch things up with Luke. THEN after that's settled, Liz and Nikolas can fall apart, and Liz and Lucky can find their way back to each other as adults with these original actors. Yup, that's what I want.

Oh, and I still inexplicably love Jax. And am still ridiculously bummed that Jax and Carly finally got together but it's Laura Wright's Carly and not Tamara Braun's. (My god, but Ingo Rademacher and Braun had OUTSTANDING chemistry!)
Tags: general hospital, jonathan jackson, soaps, tv

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