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Dancing with the Stars, Top 20 (fave dances/dancers)

Not going through each routine, just listing my favorite dancers and favorite routines of the night. Despite liking particular dancers, their routines are not necessarily on the list because their routines either didn't stand out or just plain bit. (And, squee!, for the first time ever two dancers I wanted to be paired were paired!!!)

- Jacob/Ashleigh -- Amazing. I know a lot of people don't like Ashleigh, but I really like her and I thought she was fabulous. And the fact that I even noticed her there, let alone loved her is astounding considering him. Jacob is just ... wow!!! I mean, just WOW! I thought they had fabulous chemistry and Tyce (shockingly!) did a wonderful Broadway routine.

Victor/Bianca -- Gorgeous choreography by Travis. And unlike the locket dance (which I do love) there wasn't the actual physical embodiment present to dumb down the dance, or the way-too-much kiss at the end. This was just sheer, lyrical poetry in dance. Victor and Bianca had wonderful chemistry and sold the routine beautifully. And Victor is another fantabulous dancer. Bianca I like, and expect she'll work on those kinks, and the chemistry with Victor and what she did do so well made up for those kinks in my book. Splendid.

OMG!!! I DO NOT BELIEVE IT!! For the first time ever, the couple I so very much wanted paired are actually paired!! Nathan/Mollee!! I don't care if people find her annoying, I love Mollee and I think Nathan (and Mollee) are both beautiful dancers. YES! Please have chemistry and be awesome together.

Nathan/Mollee -- They were adorable, but I will admit that I thought the routine was a little sloppy. Of course, I'm not really sure because the sparkly lights and stuff in the background and on the stage was RIDICULOUSLY distracting. Still, there was some tough stuff they did well, but they were energetic and I just think they're so very cute.

Favorite Dancers -- Prior to the top 20 perform, there were 10 dancers I liked already (Nathan, Russell, Billy {sniff, sniff}, Ellenore, Jakob, Bianca, Mollee, Legacy, Ashleigh, Ryan) -- with Billy gone, that left me with 9, which is still impressive, but I did get Victor in his place,so I still have 10. Woohoo!

The four in danger: Ariana, Brandon, Pauline, Russell -- I was actually quite unimpressed with Kevin and would have put him in the bottom before Russell, but they loved him. :pouts: I think it will be Brandon going home though, which is rather a shame considering he was just pulled in and now he's gone. Ah well. Of the girls, I don't think Pauline should have been put through since she missed as much of Vegas week as she did, so I think she should go. Ariana's proved herself enough for me to say at this point. (Russell is awesome, by the way.)

Who went home: Brandon and Ariana. I really am surprised Ariana went instead of Pauline. Brandon was (sadly for him) a no-brainer. I hope that the rule can be changed in this circumstance because it really is unfair to the poor guy.

A few choreographer comments: 1.) We've now seen new guy Jason Gilkiskon choreograph three numbers and I thought all three were boring as hell. Not impressed. 2.) I'm sorry, Gerrie, I simply can not stand Sonya as a choreographer. The ridiculous girls-in-a-tutu routine yesterday was terrible, and tonight's routine (again with ridiculous costuming) was lame. I continue to be so not impressed.
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