Arabian (arabian) wrote,

So many faves in top 20 of SYTYCD already!

I like 10 of the top 20 going into it and that's by far the most I ever have. My faves behind the cut.

Descriptions from here

# Nathan - The contemporary dancer who was 17 when he passed auditions last season, but had to wait to this season to go to Vegas. (So heartbroken Mia won't be choreographing him.)
# Russell - First krumper in Top 20; dude with dreads, surprisingly adaptable to other styles.
# Billy - Youthful contemporary dancer. May remind you of Billy Elliott.
# Ellenore - jazz dancer who impressed everybody in Las Vegas
# Jakob - Contemporary dancer who may be a lighter-haired Billy Elliott.
# Bianca - one of three tap dancers; technically the first to make the top 20 after two earlier tries.
# Mollee - Jazz dancers judges kept saying danced "too young." As if that's a drawback. Got in with her best friend.
# Legacy - B-boy with goofy title, ability to rise above sometimes off-putting attitude.
# Ashleigh - Struggled in Vegas, accused of looking "fake" by judges, but got through with more talented husband:
# Ryan - Ballroom dancer who outshined his wife, but got to Top 20 with her because another person who was earlier let through, Paula, had to step down because she was contracted to work in a movie and the slot opened for Ashleigh.
Tags: sytycd, tv

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