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'Ugly Betty' -- Could it be back?

Okay, I pretty much figured that I was done with Ugly Betty. Last season started out with great promise, but just went so drastically downhill, there were no words. It became almost a chore to watch it, but I held on because I love the chemistry between America Ferrera and Eric Mabius (Betty and Daniel) and love, love, love their relationship and Matt and Molly seemed obvious stand-ins for Daniel and Betty as signs that the originals were getting closer to being ready for one another. Then exec producer Silvio Horta flat-out, categorically stated that Daniel and Betty would NEVER get together. So, yeah, I was done because the quality of the show sure wasn't keeping me around. But, I didn't take it off of my DVR, the two-hour premiere was last night and I thought, eh, why not? This will be my deciding factor once and for all. So I watched it and .... wait, first, I found out AFTER watching it that Horta changed his tune a wee bit. In an interview he was asked to clarify the Daniel/Betty remark and his response was: Can you confirm your previous statement that Betty and Daniel will not end up together?
Horta: Every other version has [had them end up together]. At this point, I actually know what's going to happen. I thought I knew when I made that quote, but you re-evaluate and reassess. What I said before may or may not still be true.

There are rumors that ABC was not happy with Horta's statement and thus he's just appeasing the masses, however ...

it sure doesn't look like that's the case after watching the premiere. It all but screamed BETTY AND DANIEL WILL BE!! Anvils, nuggets galore.

- Betty's joy at seeing/hearing from Daniel.
- Betty was the only one who could really help him, calm him down.
- Daniel attempting to help Betty (even if he royally screwed things up).
- Betty -- once again -- choosing Daniel over everything else.
- Betty getting Daniel to sleep.
- Matt suggesting that Betty and Daniel are sleeping around which ...
a) Has never really been suggested seriously before.
b) Was not scoffed or 'ewwed' by anyone, but rather.
c) Led to Daniel punching Matt out
- Daniel telling every single person at that shoot that to mess with Betty is to mess with him.
- Betty getting Daniel to back down and leave with her.
- Betty telling Daniel he was wrong to hit Matt, but at the same time, but showing that she appreciated him doing so for her.
- Daniel telling Betty she was wrong to choose him over her job, but showing that he appreciated her doing so for him.
- The recall to the Bridge scene from s1 (there's no way that every single D/B shipper did NOT flashback to that scene).
- Betty and Daniel clearly defining they are no longer boss/assistant, but friends so taking that squick factor out.

So, yeah, LOADS of Daniel/Betty potential. I LOVED IT!

However, even better, was that overall the show itself was season-one awesome, so good! I liked all of the characters, they were all season-one in character. I didn't hate Hilda -- who I pretty much loathed through all of season three; I liked Ignacio, I LIKED Betty and she's been an insufferable, holier-than-thou, immature child for much too long. Not last night. I loved the fact that we got the hint of the braces coming off, the make-over itself was wonderful at the end. Seeing Betty witness herself through the eyes of others (including Daniel) and her horrid outfits was a lovely way of showing why Betty finally kind a wake-up call. And it was about damn time too. Also, the butterfly/caterpillar parallel earlier with the lovely Lynn Redgrave wasn't too over the top, but instead helped plant the seed.

So, except for being a little meh on the Willi/recast-Nico storyline, I loved everything. The characters, the heart, the humor, the quotes, the quips, the storyline, THIS was the Ugly Betty I fell in love with. YAY!

Oh, show, please, please keep it up and don't fall apart on me like last season!
Tags: betty/daniel, tv, ugly betty

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