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Dancing with the Stars, night one and two

I was actually quite impressed (for the most part) with the judging because they actually really seemed to be giving legitimate good points, many of which I'd noticed myself. Although, some of the paddle judging I thought was too low or too high here and there. Behind the cut, my thoughts on the dancers I liked.

My favorites in order based on personality, talent and potential.

- Kelly/Louis ... Color me surprised, but she was absolutely charming with an infectious smile; I love my Louis, they have chemistry and I just adored them. And she did a lovely job dancing. Every time she smiled during the dance, I beamed, and the Ozzy/Sharon reaction did get to me. I want her to win. She's officially my favorite. (And, yes, I love the accent.)

- Donny/Kym ... I LOVED him! - already so much better than Marie. Great personality, but not too over the top, and dance-wise, he was fabulous.

- Mya/Dimitry ... Ringer or not, that was glorious, and they have chemistry! Plus, I really liked her in the interviews. (Len's score was stupid.)

- Debi/Maks ... They shoulda scored higher just cuz she's awesome, I just love her. Plus, she had lots and lots of potential and Maks is Maks and, well, he's Maks.

- Natalie/Alec ... Really good, she has a fabulous looseness, but she needs to let go of her fear, because she really has some fantastic potential. Plus, I love Alec.

- Mark/Lacey ... Love the personality, great potential, I just really liked him.

- Joanna/Derek ... Very good, I wish I liked her a little more, but I didn't dislike her and the dancing was fabulous.

- Aaron/Karina ... I like him well enough, but he's mainly on the list for talent.

1st Relay- Donny did totally smoke it.
2nd Relay- Aaron did deserve the win, but Tom should have been higher.
3rd Relay - No one really impressed me, I would have given it to Natalie for the win, though.
4th Relay - Mya was the best, but Kelly was my favorite! Too bad for the stumble, but great legwork, still Mya did deserve it, and I like her lots too.

Who surprised me (other than Kelly)? Tom Delay. I thought he was a decent dancer (though, way too many butt-close-ups!), charming and made Cheryl likable for me. Who needs to go home? Ashley, Chuck, Michael, Kathy or Macy Gray -- they mostly seemed like lovely people, but their dancing, erm, not the best. Though, I'm going more for anyone not Macy yet even though she was probably the worst because she sure is ... fascinating. "Busted my cherry?" And the judges could barely speak, Carrie Ann actually squeaked. LOL! But, on actual dancing? Yeah, definitely, Macy Gray. The second person? One of the above mentioned, please. Overall, I really enjoyed the whole crop because they all seemed to want to be here, and were giving it their all and that's what makes this so much fun.

But, KELLY FTW!!!!!
Tags: dancing with the stars, kelly/louis, tv

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