Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Fic: 'And Then They Had Sex'

Title: And Then They Had Sex
Author: arabian/JenniferH
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,669
Summary: Erm, read the title.
Disclaimer: Not mine. I'm a Sheldon/Penny fan. Doesn't that make such a disclaimer unnecessary at this point in time?
Notes: I wrote this for the celebration post of The Big Bang Theory Episode Cage-Match winner, "The Panty Pinata Polarization" as an AU of what would have happened eventually had Leonard not intervened.

Their eyes met and her knees buckled. She fell forward, against him, her nipples hard and pressing into his chest. "Sheld --" she began, but his lips were already on hers. His tongue slid out, licking at her upper lip, tasting her. Her hands moved up his arms; she reached up, stretching her small form as much as she could, leaning into him, wanting to become one with him. His hands were flat against the small of her back, traveling to her hips and then under her rear. He lifted, holding her firmly against him, his hand molding the shape of her as he pressed her against the hard heat of him. His body rocked gently, instinctively simulating the motions that would follow soon enough. One of his hands swam up her back, bunching up the yellow tank top, nestling in the golden strands of her hair. He pulled back just the slightest bit, his breath whispering over her lips and then again they touched hers. He cupped her head in his hand, his fingers massaging the nape of her neck. His mouth covered hers and his tongue danced along the tip of hers, then swirling against her, rushed along the inner flesh of her mouth. All the while his hips dove faster and harder against her, his fingers kneading the smooth surface of her rear, pulling her closer against him. The fingers of his other hand drove through her hair, down her neck, over her back.

She clutched at him, running up and down the double layers covering his arms, his chest. She wanted it off; she wanted to feel him, to see him. Her fingers moved between their pressed bodies, jerking at his shirts, needing to pull them off. He broke from their kiss, his breath as ragged as hers. Her hands stilled their movements as did his. They stood there, the only movement in the room was the gentle undulation of his hips against hers. And then he stepped back, hands reaching up, he pulled at the neck of both shirts. She could only stand still, unable to do anything but watch him. He jerked at the side of his shirt, his eyes burning into hers. Tugging at the thin material, he pulled it over his head, then let it fall to the floor in silence. As he watched her expression, she looked over his chest, pale and lean, glowing dimly in the light streaming in through the window from the moon. She took in his lightly muscled arms, the light sprinkling of hair across his chest, a thin line of hair leading towards where his fingers now hovered over the waistband of his plaid pants. He bent down suddenly, resting on one knee and her eyes dropped with him. She feasted her eyes upon the softness of his hair, the lean strength of his back, the slight gaping of his pants where she could see a hint of white cotton. Sheldon slipped each shoe off and rose again, his eyes never leaving hers. And then he pulled his pants down, letting them fall in a puddle at his feet. The material of his tighty-whities stretched tight against his erect manhood.

"Your --," he broke off, at a rare loss for words, and licked his bottom lip quickly, his breath still a bit ragged. "You. Now." He didn't think he could manage another word. She stood there still and made no move. Her eyes were too busy taking him in and then her hands were reaching for his underwear. She tugged at the elastic and he breathed at the brush of material against his hard cock. And then he felt the cool air against his heated flesh; he bit hard down on his lip, his thoughts running way ahead of the situation. He opened his eyes quickly, shutting his mind down, knowing that if he didn't, he would be there a lot sooner than she. Their eyes met again, and he took a few steps towards her, slipping his feet from his tangled clothing. She took a step back; her breath coming in short pants, her breasts rising and falling rapidly. She still hadn't begun to remove her clothing, so he decided to help. He slipped his fingers under the bottom of her tank-top, and as his little finger lightly danced upon her bare skin for a moment, Penny swayed towards him, her eyes drifting shut and he actually feared that she was going to faint for a second. Then she straightened up, her hand resting carefully, almost cautiously against his chest. He shuddered quietly and then pulled the top over her head, his eyes fastened on her breasts. She let out a long, ragged breath and leaned in towards him. Her hands moved over his, urgently pressing them against the fullness of her breasts, then over his wrists, up his arms, she pulled him closer to her. His thumbs rubbed over the hard peak of her nipples and then he fell to his knees before her, his lips fastening over one erect nipple. Penny cried out, her fingers entwining in his hair. His tongue swirled about the pebbled tip, while his hand danced along her other breast. He held her nipple between his thumb and forefinger, the blunt cut of his nail gently rubbing over its crown. Her head fell forward, her body leaning dramatically over his. She raked her nails down his back, her cries playing in the air about him.

His other hand fell to the back of her knee, up her thigh, pushing up the rough material of her mini-skirt. Finally, leaving her breast free of his touch, both hands slipped beneath the material and his fingers grasped her panties. With one final lick, his tongue slid its way across the soft mound of one breast, and down the side. He dropped kisses in the valley between her breasts and over the upper swell of her other breast, his lips, his teeth, his tongue lavishly offering heated, moist attention to its peak. Sheldon pulled her underwear completely down and she lifted herself up fractionally as he slid first one shoe and then the other off of her feet. She fell heavily against him, his kneeling body bearing most of her weight as he jerked the panties completely off, flinging them alongside their rumpled pile of clothing. Up her legs, one of his hands rushed straight to the very center of her as the other once more discovered the delights of her breast.

"God, Sheldon," she cried out and then, in a soft, keening moan, "Sheldon," as his hand cupped her, his fingers curling amid the honey, moist strands of blonde, one finger slipping between her lips, lightly dancing upon her clitoris before pulling back. "Don't," she panted, "God, don't stop." He glanced up at her, rubbing his face against her breasts and he smiled with a peaceful contentment he had never felt before. Once again, his fingers brushed against her clitoris, at first only gently rubbing the core of her pleasure, but as her moans breathed through his senses, his finger became more urgent, rubbing against her, building up slick friction, the hot liquid of her arousal kissing his finger. She tightened against him, and he felt her body stiffen and then suddenly he pulled out, pulling away, standing up and jerking her to him all in one fluid movement. He may be inexperienced, but he'd read enough up on the subject in his hormonal adolescent, and if he was reading her body language correctly, she was close to orgasm and he knew that when she came he wanted to be inside of her. Penny cried out her frustration, and his mouth covered hers, silencing her. His lips devoured her, his hands roaming over her body, jerking her skirt up around her waist.

"Penny, Penny, Penny, God, Penny," he muttered between kisses and panted breaths. He fell to his knees again, this time dragging her with him. He laid her down on the pile of their clothing. One hand framed her face, the other slid down her waist, over the dark blonde curls, inbetween her thighs as the hard heat of him pressed insistently into her. She laid her arms around his back, her fingers massaging at his lean muscles, her nails raking into his skin. He slid into her and he almost came just from the feeling of her tight inner walls pressing against him; her slick heat tugging at his cock as he moved in, slowly, as slowly as he was capable of doing. She wrapped her legs around his hips, her efforts urging him on, without words telling him that slow and easy is not what she wanted. He stilled for a moment and she cried into his ear, "Sheldon, now, I need you now. Now!"

Her voice trailed off into a scream as he obeyed, thrusting fiercely into her, burying himself to the hilt inside of her. For a split-second he remained still and then his hips bucked as he pulled out and rushed back in. Thrusting with a primitive urgency, every journey into the heart of her, sent his soul soaring, his heart racing. Her cries echoed in his ears as she clutched at him, her breaths coming in gasps. His name -- Sheldon, Sheldon -- springing from her lips as she urged him on with every encouraging rise of her hips, meeting his. At last, with one final thrust, seeming to stretch an eternity -- buried so deep inside of her, their bodies as one -- the world exploded around them. She screamed out his name, "Sheldon!" as her body rose to meet that final thrust and then she collapsed back down onto the hard floor cushioned by their clothing. The world seemed to dissolve, sounds and colors were muted. He lay down upon her, his heavy weight covering her body, unable to move, to think, barely able to breathe.

So that was sex.
Tags: fic, sheldon/penny, the big bang theory

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