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Merlin, Series 2 Premiere

Watched the season premiere of Merlin. What's that you say? I thought you stopped watching that after the second episode of series one? Well, I did, but a bunch of my fellow Sheldon/Penny shipper friends kept going on and on about it, so I figured, alright, I'm done with my glorious NCIS -- damn, I still need to write that post! -- I'll give it another go. Overall, I found that I did very much enjoy it and it's cheesy, cheesy fun, with some heft building towards the end of the season. I'm not one for slash, but even I can't help but marvel in all of the slashy goodness of Merlin/Arthur, and now we're onto series two ... (Spoiler for series 1 and the premiere behind the cut.)

I may take great delight in it (and impose dialogue on the boys constantly when they're talking about one another), but after watching the premiere, yeah, I ship (to a mild degree) Arthur and Gwen. I still think that it was introduced rather haphazardly in the last few episode of series one, and the crush Gwen had on Merlin just kinda disappeared. However, that didn't stop me from grinning like a fool during their brief scenes (a whopping one minute and ten seconds!):

Hee, when she's all "Is that it, Sire?" and he's er, uhm, yeah. I was like teeheehee! They're cute, they very much are cute. And you know who else is cute? Arthur. Bradley James is pretty, pretty, pretty. Not the greatest actor, shading and drama aren't his forte, but he's good and he handles the light stuff beautifully. Colin Morgan is also pretty, and I quite adore him. I remember him well from the Doctor Who episode of "Midnight." Such a different role, but he's just as good here. Hmm, random comments from the series overall ...

- I love Anthony Stewart Head, but damn, Uther is such a dick. Can he die already?

- John Hurt does such a fabulous job with just his voice for the dragon.

- Ooh, Mordred. Can't wait to see what havoc he brings when he returns.

- Morgana's kind of cool, but I still quite haven't gotten over Katie McGrath's jutting chin. Does that make me an awful, shallow person? On the non-shallow side, I did adore her in "To Kill a King," such depth for the character and she and ASH were amazing in their scenes, especially those final ones.

- I could see Arthur purists having real issues with this as they've basically grabbed characters and sometimes the basis of that character and thrown them willy-nilly into whatever stage and setting they want. But again, cheesy fun!

So, yeah, Merlin.
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