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Today's ATWT ... KnS - Pure Magic!

Today was the first day that we got to see Katie and Simon interact since Paul Leyden's return and oh my, it was just awesome, incredible, fabulous!!! I'm trying to not get my hopes up, but when they give us such wonderful material and Paul and Terri Colombino knock the pants off of it, how can I not?

OMG! I loved them so much. It was sooooo good. Simon was so good. Katie was so good and they are soooooooooo good together. It was just hilarious and funny and sweet and just ahhh! I loved it!!! My favorite KnS parts:

- Simon's "oh" when he first started touching Katie. I loved that little sign that she still affects him so completely.

- His mouthed "honeymoon" and then pissed off reaction was great.

- I loved when Katie started to sit up, and Simon slapped her back down. Yeah, yeah, realistically, a client would be pissed and not relax about it, but this IS a soap opera.

- After she says that Simon was her first love and then added dismissively, "whatever" and Simon smacked her leg ... that is one of those KnS things. It sounds bad seeing it written, but they were always smacking on each other, but it came across as realistic. They weren't hurting each other, it was just the fun couply-way about them.

- Haha! His reaction to her "He was gorgeous" comment. And so true!

- Aww, her "He hurt me badly, too many times. Like no one else ever had, like no one else ever will." Yuppers, Katie loves Simon the bestest!!! He's the only one who can ever effect her so deeply, with the extreme lows you get the extreme highs.

- Heeheehee, the butt slaps!! One of my favorite little KnS things was the way that Simon was always smacking Katie on the ass and Halleluja! in their first scenes together, we get an ass-smack! Oh yeah, that's my KnS.

- When it came back from commercial and Katie went "Simon?" I kinda rolled my eyes because it was like one of those soap cliches. He's standing right there clearly but she says his name with a question as if she's not sure it's him, duh! But it was brilliant in how they had Simon respond back with "Katie?"

- I loved that basically his first question based on everything she'd revealed was "Married to Henry!??!" I loved this because it really seemed as if whoever is writing for them is REMEMBERING THEIR HISTORY!!! Henry and the oddness of his relationship with Simon was a huge part of Katie and Simon's early story. And it was funny knowing that history.

- Ahh, the kiss!! Wow, it was better than the preview because it totally, TOTALLY went on longer than I expected. I really thought that Katie would pull away right after the preview ended, but she kissed him back into the fade out and then was still kissing back when the scene came on. Woohoo!!!

- I loved this exchange:
    Simon: Not quick enough.
    Katie: How 'bout I do it twice as hard? Will that convince you?
    Simon: No. (Lunges for another kiss.)
Heeheehee, I loved it!!!! And then we have Katie pausing, clearly thinking as if she's trying to come up with a reason why she shouldn't be kissing Simon and finally blurts out "I'm married!" Another pause. "Happily!" It came across as if she was searching for a reason and then as Malynda pointed out (we talked after the show) with her added "happily" it was as if being married wasn't enough.

- Then of course when he asked her to tell him that she didn't feel that kiss, she sidestepped and didn't answer it. And Simon being the gentleman he is (hahaha! Not!), he just glossed over it and mused "so you're completely over me?" So knowing by every one of her reactions to him that she isn't. And I honestly think that anyone watching these scenes who claims that Katie clearly is over Simon is living by a river in Egypt.

- Then my favorite line of the day: "Construction Mike in the gym with his tool belt." Heeheehee! I love how Simon keeps calling him Construction Mike. So funny, so Simon. God, I've missed him!! (Funny not because it's an insult to Mike, but because this is something that Simon does and is in character.)

- I also loved the chemical frission when she grabbed the phone and Simon just leaned in towards her (a wonderful little, intimate thing that Paul always did with them because of their height difference) with that grin on his face.

- Ah, then she tells him to get off the boat and he's like "There's sharks in the water." LOL!

- On a serious note, I liked that they pulled what happened with Pilar in right away, not ignoring it (again, REMEMBERING THEIR HISTORY, even the OOC history -- it's still canon). And I liked that Simon stopped with the smiles and playfulness for a moment to seriously acknowledge the bad there.

- Finally, back to the almost cutesy-playfulness, the look on Simon's face when Mike knocked on the door and the panic on Katie's face --which if she DIDN'T still have feelings for Simon would not be there because Simon simply wouldn't be a factor.

Ahhh, I loved it, loved it, loved it!!!! Kudos to Paul Leyden who remains in top-notch form! He is just kicking all kinds of booty all over the place. Kudos to Terri for effortlessly playing the conflict inherent in Katie's still-there love for Simon and the real love she does have for Mike. And kudos to the writers for remembering their history, giving us clear signs that yes, Katie DOES still love Simon, and yes, that Simon is absolutely still in love with Katie and for allowing us to so quickly see the return to the fun, flirty, sexy, funny brand of magic that is KnS!

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