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Wednesday & Thursday Night TV Thoughts

So I've almost caught up on the new shows (haven't watched 'Fringe' yet -- that's for today!) But here are some thoughts on various shows (including Top Chef and Project Runway).

The Office -- Hilarious and I love how they just calmly mentioned Pam being pregnant. There was some discussion after the finale if they'd found out that Pam was really pregnant (I didn't quite understand what else it could have been, but I did read debate over it), so seeing it just casually alluded to was great.

Random thoughts --

- Parkour! (Or however it's spelt.) I was laughing so hard, especially at Jim's line "if point A is delusion and point B is the hospital" and Andy just dropping into that refrigerator box.

- I didn't find Stanley cheating on his wife out of character, because we don't know what Stanley is like outside of work and it's not as if he regularly expresses undying love for his wife.

- I love how Andy just really seamlessly fits in with the cast. And speaking of Andy, I was dying with love over the whole "Michael? Just tell me, am I gay?" and then the Oscar/Andy talk. I had to laugh because there are a couple of Oscar/Andy shippers on my flist (from last season's interaction between the two) and I thought, aww, they would make a cute couple.

- I learned that a ream of papers has 300 papers in it. It's 500. Oh, I learned nothing.

- Jet Li. Julia Styles. Adam Thicke.

- Michael's "bad" rumor about himself was that he was a J Crew model.

Overall, I quite enjoyed it.

Community - I generally grab ten or so shows for the new Fall season, and drop at least half of them. This season, I'm only checking out four, and Community is one of them because I've been hearing rave reviews about it, but I honestly didn't have incredibly high hopes. Another show I'd heard good things about (from the same source) was just awful. I needn't have feared when it came to Community. I laughed more watching the Pilot than I have watching any sitcom except The Big Bang Theory. Everyone in the cast was pitch-perfect from Joel McHale as Jeff, to the entire group of Spanish students (including Chevy Chase and Yvette Nicole Brown) to John Oliver as the school's counselor who taught Jeff a "life lesson." The dialogue was sharp and funny, and as a child of the 80's, I loved, loved all of the John Hughes references and the 'in memoriam' at the end, {sniff, sniff}. Specific things I loved ...

- The fact that they didn't keep the lie that he knows Spanish going. I really thought that they were going to have farcical moments for at least a few episodes with him "hilariously" trying to learn Spanish to tutor them all. So that it was just out there by the end of the study group session is awesome, and intelligent.

- Loved the subtitles about his bad Spanish.

- Loved Abed. Period. Danny Pudi was fabulous, and I think -- as of now -- he's my favorite character.

- Speaking of ... two of my favorite moments were courtesy of Abed: His reciting the "John Bender-Christmas' speech from The Breakfast Club and then his "Can you hear me speaking? Am I deaf?" at the end when the rest were having silent communication behind his head.

- Oh, and totally inappropriate and un-PC, but "ass-burgers, heheheh!"

- "You just put a wrinkle in brain." Hah!

- "That juice-box reference was too specific to be spontaneous." And Shirley nods her head in agreement.

- JOHN OLIVER!! I love him, so seeing him was fabulous and, of course, he did not disappoint.

- I genuinely like every single character at this point. A lot.

- Finally, the second I heard the strains of the song from The Breakfast Club as the episode came to a close, I was alternately laughing and awwing.

Great, great first episode, and one of the best Pilots I've ever watched. Hopefully, it just gets better from here on out.

Survivor - There are a couple of potential contestants I like. I already, of course, despise Russell (you know which Russell) and his team-mate in idiocy -- the one who's killed a bunch of animals legally and illegally. Oh, and mullet or not, I am kinda totally loving Shambo at this point. Still, first episode and all, not much to go on yet.

Top Chef - I want Kevin and then Jennifer to take it. Period. And I think those two, plus the dour brothers, have the best shot. Mike Isabella in an ass. Laurine could be stealth. Ashley is slowing growing on me, but that brings to mind, is this the season of the tattoo?

Project Runway - It's so weird, but awesome, having TC and PR on at the same time. I'm so used to them being back and forth on Bravo, that the move for PR to Lifetime is fabulous in that I get them both at the same time. Logan is pretty, alas, he will not win because he's not getting nearly enough screen-time. Honestly? Other than Christopher, Shirin and Carol Hannah, I'm not impressed with anyone.

Also, I'm also REALLY not agreeing with many of the judges' choices for top three and for the win. (I had read that there would be a lot of 'huh?' about their choices this season; I'm seeing it.) For instance, the last episode, I felt that Logan, Carol Hannah and Althea should have been top three. Their paper garments LOOKED like dresses. For that reason, cool idea or not and awesome collar or not, Irina's trenchcoat overall LOOKED like a newspaper, Christopher's bottom LOOKED like a bunch of cut-up paper. The fact that Gordana was in the bottom-three was mind-boggling. Her outfit LOOKED like an actual dress. I agree with her, I kinda thought that was the point -- make it wearable. Make it look like clothing. Eh, still, it's Project Runway and I love it. And ooh! Tim was not happy with Johnny. Tsk, tsk.
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