Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Fic: The Butterfly Effect Conundrum (3/5)

Title: The Butterfly Effect Conundrum
Author: arabian/JenniferH
Rating: PG (for language)
Word Count: 764
Summary: The boys are gone and Penny's pining, but her mind and body are at odds.
Disclaimer: Not mine. I'm a Sheldon/Penny fan. Doesn't that make such a disclaimer unnecessary at this point in time?
Spoilers: General knowledge of both seasons 1-2, as well as specific for 2.22: The Classified Materials Turbulence, and 2.23: The Monopolar Expedition; AU for season 3.
Notes: alsaurusrex, thelymachy, damalur and southern_heaven for their help in figuring this one out. It only took a few months for me to do so. This is another fairly short one; but the next one will be longer. However, I still am working out kinks in it so it may be a bit more time before I post it.
Previous chapters: Part 1 | Part 2

May 16, 2009 – 2:45 pm

Penny clicked the little red telephone button on her cell phone with a little more vehemence than usual. And sighed. And once more repeated the definition of aberration to herself. Lauren had no clue. Three hours of spilling out the situation to her sister and her sister's best friend back home had only made her tenser about the whole thing. Because of -- and here Lauren had paused not quite sure how to label Sheldon based on what Penny had told her, before settling on -- how odd Sheldon was, and how asexual she thought him to be, she believed that Penny had transferred any romantic feelings she felt towards him to Stuart.

"Stupid therapists without a clue." Penny muttered under her breath, "think they know everything. Oh, I have a degree, I'm smarter than you. I have two PhDs. I'm special!" Groaning, she threw a cushion across the room. "Stupid Sheldon!"

Standing up, she stomped towards her bedroom and began grabbing dirty laundry, grumbling to herself. Pausing, she looked at the contents without seeing anything and burst out: "I do NOT have feelings for Sheldon!" She held the angry stance for a moment before slumping onto her bed, letting the basket fall to the ground. Lying back, she thought about what Lauren had said. How once things with Stuart had fallen apart, she'd then transferred those feelings to Leonard, because firstly, she'd had a previous romantic relationship with him, failed or not. Secondly, again with Sheldon's oddness and apparent asexuality, it simply made more sense to Penny that saying Sheldon's name in the throes of passion had been because she had sublimated her feelings for *Leonard* because he made more sense as a viable romantic partner.

Two years ago, this long-winded explanation, filled with three and four syllable words would have left her bewildered and frustrated. Now she simply accepted them as a matter of course because so many conversations in her life now contained information so over her head that she was used to it and pretty much got the gist of it. Once Lauren had finished, Penny was ready to combat her diagnosis with her own research. "Okaaay. Yeah, I don't think so. Like I said, I really think that it was just an aberration." There had been silence on the other end. "I looked it up. It's logical."


"Yeah?" Penny pushed.

She'd then heard a long-suffering sigh from the other end of the line. 'Well, maybe you're right, Penny. You know your own feelings and these guys much better than I do." Lauren's voice had dropped slightly and she added nearly sotto voce, but just nearly enough that Penny could most definitely hear her. "I only get paid to dispense this kind of advice for a living." And it was at that point that Penny had realized she needed to end the conversation.

"Look, I do appreciate you listening about this, I just -- you said it: You don't know Sheldon, so if you did, you'd understand why I just have to be right about this."

And then it had been Lauren's turn to brush her off. "Okay, Penny, if you're sure. Just keep in mind what I said the next time you talk to Sheldon. If you at least open your mind to the possibility, you might be surprised. After all, Penny, you did talk about the guy for an hour straight."

"I talked about Sheldon, Leonard and Stuart!"

"Yes, you talked about the other two, but I have only the vaguest impression of them, other than Leonard's long-standing crush on you. But this Sheldon? With the way you've gone on and on about him, I could write a chapter on him alone in the book I'm not presently writing but may if my client list remains so short."

Penny rolled her eyes in memory. Lauren just didn't get it; she couldn't. Sheldon wasn't like anyone else and so in order to even get an inkling of what he was like, you had to explain him, you had to spend "an hour straight" explaining him. Lauren couldn't see that, even if she did concede the possibility that Penny was right at the end she still had to give one more push of her own. "You may be right, but, I urge you to keep your mind open to the idea that there could be something to what I said."

Closing her eyes, Penny threw an arm over her head. She was sure, absolutely sure that she was right and Lauren had no idea.
Tags: fic, sheldon/penny, the big bang theory

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