Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Parsons Picspam! Those Eyes! That Lower Lip!

Some new pictures of Jim Parsons were found today thanks to jessicajason posting about Jim being featured in Entertainment Weekly's "Geeky = Sexy? 12 High IQ TV/Movie Hunks. The awesome picture of Jim featured led fujiidom and artic_fox to go searching and they found a few more. And they were lovely. Alas, one of the HQ pics found (one of my faves) had some text over it, so I cleaned that up and thought, heck, I wanna do a Jim-picspam, so here ya go ......

He's not your typical Hollywood Hunk (man, I find myself most attracted to those types as I get older, LOL!), but he's got insanely beautiful, big blue eyes, an absolutely delectable bottom lip (I never thought anyone would ever challenge David Duchovny in that department ... Jim Parsons does), and lovely skin, but he's still a tall, skinny geek when it comes down to it. I don't care, I love him and I find him gorgeous!!!!

[Click on the images for HQ versions!!]

This is my favorite shot of him. What a shock (not!) since he's leaning and all. I have a weakness for guys who lean (see Jason Dohring, Christopher Eccleston, etc.) And just the way he's standing, his adam's apple (I know, I'm so far gone), his beautiful eyes. Gah, I'm just lost!

That mischeivous glint in his eyes, and the slight smile just slay me dead. And the lip, that lower lip. Oh, my goodness!!!

And here we have the eyes focus and the bottom lip (again!) and his deliciously long fingers. So ravish-worthy. Poor guy, I hear he's been getting slightly mobbed lately at TBBT events. Not surprised.

Eyes! Bottom lip! 'Nuff said. (Can you believe he's 36!?)

I love this one because of the insane focus on his eyes due to the hoodie pulled low, and the color of it bringing out the blue in those eyes. Just beautiful.

This is the one with the text I cleaned up and it was so worth it. I just love the crinkly eyes and the laughter and the white suit. God, I just adore this one so much. It makes me happy to look at it.

Alas, no HQ of this one has been found yet, but it did just come out today, so hope springs eternal. The untied bow-tie is just GUH! matched with that intense gaze and yes, the bottom lip! I'm melting, just melting.

Oh, Jim, I love you so ..............
Tags: jim parsons, picspam

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