Arabian (arabian) wrote,

The Return of Simon Frasier! (ATWT - June 16, 2006)

I am so excited for a soap opera again -- it's been ages since I've been so. I used to watch them religiously (based on my couples -- I'm a couple girl through and through) and one of my favorite couples ever is getting ready to possibly go again. I am a huge fan of Terri Colombino who plays Katie on As the World Turns. So much that I did an extensive website for her and eventually got to know her. I also set up a message board for the couple KnS -- Other Beautiful Things -- if anyone is interested in checking it out.

Well, Katie was one-half of one of my couples, Katie and Simon. Simon (played by Paul Leyden, formerly the Australian babe from the short-lived LAX, also played Captain Larraq on Farscape in "A Bug's Life") left the show in 2003. He made two brief returns, but both sucked and served to destroy what made Katie and Simon (or KnS) so great.

Anyhoo, he's back starting today for at least a six-month run. Hopefully, things will work out and he'll stick around longer. It will be SOOOOOOOOO nice having a soap couple again. Woohoo!!!
Tags: as the world turns, katie/simon, tv

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