Arabian (arabian) wrote,

So You Think You Can Dance

The results ... (and squee for Chelsie & Mark!!!!)

OH MY GOD!!! I totally was convinced it was Evan going home, just utterly convinced. And I was pissy and moaning the whole time because he never got a great routine that highlighted him (sure, he got Broadway, sucky Joey and craptastic Tyce) and was crapped on or backhandedly complimented all season long. BUT HE MADE IT TO THE TOP FOUR, BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'll FINALLY get to see him and Jeanine dance together. Yay!

As for the show -- this is the top four I expected, and I got my EVAN!! and Jeanine. Loved seeing Chelsie twice, LOVED seeing Chelsie and Mark -- and gee, Nigel thanks for the reminder that they SO WRONGLY got kicked out at top six last season. Tyce, Tyce, Tyce -- you do realize that the clowns aren't literal, right? When I heard the song, saw the outfits, I groaned and told myself I don't care if this was choreographed by Wade or Mia (whose work I usually love), the literalness of the clowns is just so lame. But it was Tyce.

Of course.

But who cares. EVAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ETA: Checking for a response, I was right in saying that Evan's never been giving ANYTHING near the pimp-spot: He's performed first, second or third EVERY week, except for the first where he performed 4th sandwiched between nine other couples.

10 couples - 4th to dance
9 couples - 1st to dance
8 couples - I'm not sure, but I think he was 2nd or 3rd
7 couples - 3rd to dance
6 couples - I'm not sure, but I think he was 2nd or 3rd
5 couples - 1st to dance
4 couples - 1st to dance
3 couples - 2nd to dance

Nigel, you suck! Thank goodness Evan's so popular.
Tags: evan kasprzak, sytycd, tv

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