Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Tonight's 'Hawthorne' alternately known as SQUEE!!!

Seriously, just I did the fan-girl waving hands thing, I grinned, I squealed, I rewatched. Just SQUEE!!!!!! You know, so often shows cast "the" couple that viewers are supposed to root for and in my experience, rarely do I find that they have that much chemistry. It's all so forced and blah. But here, on this show, damn, they hit the bulls-eye!!!! Jada Pinkett Smith and Michael Vartan have incredible, totally squee-worthy chemistry and I'm just loving them even more each episode.

There were some great moments, but really NOTHING compares to the French-talking compliments about Christina: "I find you very pretty, a little strange, very amusing, very funny and marvelous." And it was Michael Vartan saying these things looking like, you know, Michael Vartan, speaking in his native French and me? I'm just dead now. OH MY GOD!!! And, and, and, we found out for the first time that Christina's relationship with her hubby wasn't this paragon of perfection that we've been led to believe. And that's yet another small thing that adds up to more potential awesome for Christina and Tom.

I like the show overall; I like most of the cast, and Pinkett Smith and Vartan separately just fantastic. Together? They're divine. I love my Sheldon and Penny and Doctor/Rose, but it's so nice having a couple who actually have a realistic chance at a normal-on-screen-it's happening relationship.

Tags: hawthorne, jada pinkett smith, michael vartan, thornefield, tv

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