Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Fandom Favorites Meme

Got this from bunches of people on my flist.

1. List all of your favourite old and new fandoms.
2. Have your f-list guess your favourite characters (male and female) from each fandom.
3. Strike out the fandom when someone guesses correctly and then make a list of the right answers.

I didn't list my soap operas because too many with different couples/characters throughout the years. I'm also only listing shows/movies where I bought DVDs, sought internet info on, watched fanvids, read fic, discussed lots and lots, etc. on a regular basis. Still, I expect most of these to be ridiculously (and I mean RIDICULOUSLY) easy.


01. Moonlighting
02. Aliens
03. Twin Peaks
04. Silence of the Lambs
05. The Crying Game
06. Frasier
07. Joan of Arcadia
08. Veronica Mars
09. Firefly/Serenity
10. The West Wing
11. How I Met Your Mother
12. Doctor Who
13. Secret Diary of a Call Girl
14. Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles
15. The Big Bang Theory

I think I was supposed to make a separate list with the answers. Oops!

02. Aliens: Ripley/Hicks leosgreens
03. Twin Peaks: Cooper/Audrey leosgreens
05. The Crying Game: Dil/Fergus leosgreens
06. Frasier: Niles/Daphne jedi_of_urth
07. Joan of Arcadia: Grace/Luke dreamer_98
08. Veronica Mars: Veronica/Logan (yes, she's still my fave, even if I hate her through parts of seasons 2 and 3) jedi_of_urth
09. Firefly/Serenity: Mal/River jedi_of_urth
10. The West Wing: CJ/Josh mallory_mike
11. How I Met Your Mother: Barney/Robin jedi_of_urth
12. Doctor Who: The Doctor/Donna jedi_of_urth
13. Secret Diary of a Call Girl: Hannah|Belle/Ben jedi_of_urth
15. The Big Bang Theory: Sheldon/Penny jedi_of_urth
Tags: fandom, meme, movies, tv

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