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So You Think You Can Dance, Top 8

I never plan on writing anything, then I write volumes. Sigh... you've been warned.

Group - Blah, blah, blah, opening number, lots of lights and cool movement. Okay, nice. When the judges were talking and it got to Mary and she said she was going to nitpick a few people, did anyone (everyone) think that she was going to start with Evan? I was shocked that she didn't. Truly, I was.

Evan(!) and Janette - So I knew that Janette was Evan's partner and I said to myself half-jokingly, poor Janette, she's gonna have to dance first, because it's Evan, and of course, Evan will go first, even though he went first last week and has been one of the first dancers almost EVERY week. And then ... Evan and Janette went first. Could they seriously BE any more obvious in how much they want to get rid of Evan?! Seriously!?!? Ugh.

Anyhoo, I'm not the biggest fan of Sonja's choreography, but I really liked this one. And, woohoo!, the biggest problem I had with Janette last week was gone. She and Evan were pretty much perfectly in sync throughout the whole routine. And routine? Very interesting, great moves, arcs and angles. Great job, and both Evan and Janette were sharp and smooth. Great job overall. Watch the judges (read: Mary) rip it (read: Evan) apart.

Go Nigel! Could he possibly be finally giving into the fact that deal with it! Evan is popular. Here we go, you BIOTCH!, Mary! Heaven forbid, you don't give your passive-aggressive comments to Evan. THANK YOU, NIGEL!!! Mia sucks too. I'm just sick of the lame-ass disappointment in Evan. HE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayla - Eh.

Brandon and Jeanine - Not a good match-up so far. They look so forced and unnatural with one another. Wow, you can see them counting each step in their heads. This is not good. (Watch Mary praise it to high heavens when she bashed on Evan last week even though he was great overall.) I love Jeanine, but that? Was not good. Very stiff and scared.

Not the music, Nigel, it was their dancing. Which was bad. Not the music, them. Ellen is funny, and I love her, but they were not fantastic. Yeah, Mary, let's cut them some slack, not Evan, of course, but them. I can't stand her. I don't agree with Mia's comments on Evan, but I do agree with her about Jeanine and Brandon's waltz.

Jason - Oh, was I supposed to watch him? But I already took my nap today.

Melissa and Ade - Uhm, barring a fantabulous performance by Kayla/Jason, I'm thinking that once again, Evan is going to get a boost (despite being first AGAIN!) from lackluster performances from everyone else. This is not as bad as the waltz, but it's not much better. No spice of fire from Melissa at all; like none. And it just was lacking overall. *

* Hmm, didn't realize two routines tonight. We'll see then.

It's just pathetic how obvious they are. For everyone else, they pull back their punches and try not to be too harsh on them, except for Evan. Him, because he's so good!, they nail him on everything that could possibly be off, stuff that they'd ignore in other dancers. Okay, or just Nigel. Mary was harsh, but ended it on a high note. Mia, I don't think she hates Evan (like Mary does), but I don't think she really loves anyone this season.

Janette - I liked this one; great job. (Probably helps that that is one of my favorite songs ever.)

Kayla and Jason - I guess it was good, but I feel absolutely nothing from either of these two. So, shrug.

Ade - Powerful, yeah, but again, he does nothing for me.

Evan and Janette - Oh goody! Another ballroom dance so Mary can rip him to shreds. (Sigh) AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! They're dancing to my Kris' "Heartless!!!!" YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Kris Allen, this year's American Idol) Okay, first the bad. I love my Evan, but had two or three little missteps. Sigh. Other than that, though .... FANTABULOUS!! This was so sensual and sexy. Both Janette and Evan (yes, Evan!) sold the hell out of it. I love the Rhumba so much. It's my favorite ballroom dance. The moves were crisp, the hip action was good, the sensuality was so very much sold. You know what I really realized while watching this one, though, is that part of why I love Evan so much is that (when he's not making missteps, and that really could just be the heels he's in again), he makes it look so completely effortless, which no one else is able to do to his degree. But, alas, there were those missteps. I cringe to hear Mary attack him.

Nigel, you're not a guy. Trust me, he was sexy. Shut up. Thank you, Ellen. (Gawd! I literally applauded Ellen's speech on Evan's essence. And did you hear the audience reaction?) Okay, has day turned to night? Mary complimented Evan without any negativity. No passive-aggressive-ness, what the hell? Is it bizarro-world?!

Okay, I take back my "shut up" to Nigel because that insult he threw at Evan's looks woke the ladies' up and they're all "HELL TO THE NO!!!" He gushes and goes on about the female dancers and they put up with it, so when he dogged on this adorable cutie-pie, it was on! And so Evan-praise galore! YES!! I mean: "We celebrate you. We love you." And he did the sexy, and it was awesome. TAKE THAT, NIGEL!!!

You know, I'm not sure if I'm right and it was Nigel's comment that brought the praise from them, but whatever it was, thank goodness, because this boy deserves some unadulterated YES!PRAISE! I think he's the only one who hasn't gotten it up to this point and he's earned it. Seeing him so happy with it is just wonderful. I'm not, but I'm almost, tearing up.

Melissa - Do not like this; it's like an 80's dance/aerobic routine.

Brandon and Jeanine - First off, the costumes were WAY too literal. It was good; they danced good. But, about a quarter of the routine, they were a beat or two off of each other, and overall it just didn't wow me. Plus, they have NO connection.

What crack is Nigel smoking? What were they all smoking? What did I miss!??! It was good, but? This reaction!??!?!?

Evan - I just never want him to stop. Ever.

Jeanine - I'm sorry, I'm just thinking of that awesome routine that Neil (and, yes, Lauren) did to this song. She was good and I love Jeanine, but, but, but ... that was an awesome Neil routine.

Melissa and Ade - Well, I was sure that Melissa/Ade were going tomorrow. I think this routine just saved them. It was beautiful and it catered to their expertise and partnership. I didn't watch the interview thing and yet I still knew what the dance was about, and that rarely happens.

Brandon - I just, honestly, have no reaction. He's great, but I just don't care.

Kayla and Jason - Very well-danced, and very bizarre. I don't care about either dancer, and the dance, their dancing didn't draw anything out of that ennui I feel for them.

Well, I think Nigel and co. finally got their chance with their machinations. I think Evan will be in the bottom. After the first round, I was sure he'd be safe, but all three other couples had power-house routines and while I love the Rhumba, I know it's not America's favorite dance, so yeah .... Unless, Evan's fans do some power-voting, I think he'll be in the bottom-two. I don't think (hope) he'll go home, but I think it'll be close. *Sigh* Who will go home? Again, I would have said Melissa/Ade hands-down, prior to that second routine. They're safe now. So, I'll say Kayla and Jason, but I could be wrong. It might be Evan. Which will SUCK!

ETA: Or not. Raw numbers at DialIdol have Evan safely at the top, although Jason is close. (Janette is WAY, WAY in the lead of everyone!), while Ade and Kayla are at the bottom.
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