Arabian (arabian) wrote,

I hate Steven Moffat

Not in the real person way, obviously, but in the, thanks for messing with my fandom way.

First, they are CLEARLY filming at Bad Wolf Bay. Second River Song is there with Eleven and Amy.

I just hate Moffat, spitting all over the Doctor/Rose story. I really do. It was bad enough that Eleven and new companion were going to bet here, but now he's bringing River there as well. I just, gah, I hope the show goes down in flames under his direction. I think I'm done looking at spoilers, reading stuff, etc. because it's too depressing. I'm just going to stay in my RTD-world of Who

And people wonder why I was so happy to find and jump into another fandom. I knew the pain that was coming with this one with Moffat taking over.
Tags: doctor who, doctor/rose, russell t davies, spoilers, tv

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