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Folks, this is a long one. I just went on and on ....

Bollywood (Ladies): She may slightly annoy me in interviews and such, but damn, is Janette good! I thought I was watching Jeanine and kept thinking how awesome she was and how she really stood out because I love Jeanine, and then at the end I realized I'd been watching Janette the whole time. Not to say that they all weren't good, but it was definitely Janette who grabbed my attention.

Evan and Kayla (Viennese Waltz): Of course, Evan got the tallest girl. Of course, Evan got the ballroom. Of course. Because if they're in the bottom-three, they won't dump Kayla, but they will him. Well, HAH! They both did beautifully to the point where only friggin' Mary could dis on Evan. Despite the height difference (which they handled perfectly, I think), this was a wonderful routine. Yes, I'm surprised. I'm not a Kayla fan; she comes across as vapid to me, but with Evan, they shone together -- which is a good tell-tale sign of what a fabulous, giving dancer Evan is: He makes his partners look fabulous. It was sweeping and romantic and beautiful. Yes, I could see a few rough edges in some of the terms, but overall, it was lovely.

As for the judging; I was surprised that Nigel only complained a bit about it not being different enough between a regular waltz and a Viennese Waltz, and then went onto praise both of them highly. Not surprising: Mary is still a biotch with a bug up her derriere about Evan. She basically raked him over the coals: His turns weren't good, he didn't glide, he didn't bend his knees, but he was able to lift Kayla as if he were six feet tall. Yeah, that's the ONLY positive bitch could find. Except when she got to Kayla, she just gushed her annoying head off. Can't stand her so obvious Evan dislike.

Now, I'm not saying that she wasn't right, but I betcha that if ANY OTHER DANCER performed it EXACTLY the same way, she wouldn't have gotten that detailed in ripping him apart. Debbie Allan rocks, though (I KNOW!), because she basically told Mary to the shut hell up with how she praised the hell out of Evan and the dance. She thought it was beautiful all around, Evan, Kayla and the dance. And she was the last word that the audiences heard.

ETA: After watching the next routine, I must come back up here and add just how very much on Evan and Kayla were; they had connection, flow and believability.

Brandon (Solo): He was good, but the choreography just felt way too frantic to me. I wasn't wowed.

Janette and Ade (Hip-Hop): First off, hated the choreography and I normally like NappyTabs stuff. Secondly, wow, they made Evan and Kayla look a zillion times better. No connection, and they were off-sync with each other's movement almost constantly. Not a winner, not at all. AT ALL.

Watch the judges, especially Mary, love it! Nigel is such a perv. Yup, they love it, whatever. They were SO OFF with one another, a beat and a step behind one another throughout almost the entire dance. But yeah, Mary won't point that out. Of course. She'll critique the hell out of every little thing Evan does, but -- WHAT THE HELL?!?!? Mary just said it was "well-sychronized." WHAT THE HELL WAS SHE WATCHING!?!??!?! Oh, right. Not Evan, so, of course, it was awesome.

Randi (Solo): Maybe the judges woulda loved it, but watching that, I'm glad she never had to dance for her life. Too frantic, she danced a bit heavy, she fell out of her turn, just, yeah, not impressive.

Kupono (Solo): I liked that! Yes, I'm surprised, but I did. It was funky, different, original and memorable. Good job. :)

Jeanine and Jason (Contemporary): Great, my favorite girl left paired with my least favorite guy -- I think he was the problem in the Jason/Caitlin partnership. Sigh. Okay, routine: Ooh, Travis!!! Up until the way, way too-over-the-top and so not necessary kiss at the end, I thought the choreography was absolutely, utterly gorgeous. Overall, Travis did an amazing job. I thought Jeanine was absolutely, utterly gorgeous. I thought Jason did some absolutely, utterly gorgeous partnering. His non-partner dancing? Eh. I would have loved, loved this routine had it had a different guy and that kiss was not there at the end. It was so sensual and sexy, and then the kiss was just overkill. Ugh.

Melissa (Solo): Yeah, she can dance. She can also bore me senseless. She succeeded in doing so.

Evan (Solo): So adorable. Great look, great choreography, great everything. Used the music, didn't go overboard, it was just right. Style, substance ... splendid!

Kayla (Solo): Yes, by God, she can dance and her lines are gorgeous, but that solo was atrocious. What horrible, horrible choreography.

Randi and Kupono (Tango): Randi should grow her hair long, it's very flattering on her, not the color, but the length. So, it was rough, and they really didn't have a connection or chemistry. Of course, I'm sure that Mary will have nothing negative to say about them, especially Kupono. Oh, she might give a teeny nitpick here or there, but she'll let his footwork and turns, etc. off the hook. Because, you know, HE'S NOT EVAN!

Nigel, you surprise me. I agree completely. Okay, Mary didn't gush or praise, but she didn't nitpick it to bits like she did Evan's much better waltz. I admit it, though, I am surprised that they were so honest about the routine.

Ade (Solo): Very powerful and a helluva dancer, but I didn't like the choreography.

Jeanine (Solo): Amazing. Beautifully-timed to the music, not frantic or over-the-top and showed off her skill.

Jason (Solo): What the hell?

Melissa and Brandon (Broadway): Every once in a while, Tyce shows that he actually CAN choregraph. This was a great, solid routine, beautifully danced by both. If the judges don't rave, I'll be disappointed because it deserves it. (They raved; good.)

Janette (Solo): WOW! That was horrid. Okay, so she can wiggle her ass, move her hips and point her toes. That's all I got from that; she's LUCKY she never had to dance for her life. DAYUM!

African Dance (Guys): My eyes were drawn completely to Evan through the whole number; I barely looked at the other guys. Alas, not because he was so jaw-droppingly good -- not to say that he wasn't because he was, although his hands did go into "jazz hands" mode here and there that I didn't notice the other guys doing (when I did notice them). No, the reason I couldn't take my eyes off of Evan is because of his alabaster chest amidst a sea of milky mocha and cocoa skins. Boy was like a beam of light, and oy, that costume!? Made him look two feet tall.

Judging (I'm cringing as they're about to speak:) Nigel highlighted Evan and the chest o' light, but he wasn't negative about him at all and ONLY highlighted Evan. Good. Ah, there we go. I was waiting for it, Mary, your lovely passive-aggressive swipe at Evan, start with the negative and then slide a positive in where you can almost miss it. Still, I was expecting Nigel and Mary to both massacre him when they highlighted him specifically, but they didn't. They actually did compliment him, and by doing so, they'll make *him* stand out -- and not in a bad way -- in this group number at the end of the show.

Ranking --


1. Melissa/Brandon - Just lovely and light-hearted, beautifully done. (Arrghh, I hate putting a Tyce routine first, but it was good.)
2. Evan/Kayla - Sweeping and romantic, the only new couple with a connection.
3. Jeanine/Jason - Would have been higher, probably number one had Jason been better and there'd been no kiss at the end. Fabulous choreography and dancing by Jeanine.
4. Ade/Janette - Hated the choreography, off-sync through the entire routine.
5. Kupono/Randi - Great choreography, everything else pretty much thumbs down.


1. Evan/Kayla - They had a connection that was missing from all the others
2. Melissa/Brandon - They danced beautifully together
3. Jeanine/Jason - I had to rank them and they were better than the other two?
4. Ade/Janette - Just, completely off
5. Kupono/Randi - Dreadful


1. Evan - Delightful, delicious, de-lovely
2. Jeanine - Beautifully choregraphed and danced
3. Kupono - Quirky and memorable, first time he's earned a comparison to Mark

The rest were degrees of meh and badness ...

4. Brandon
5. Ade
6. Melissa
7. Kayla
8. Randi
9. Jason
10. Janette

Bottom three guys/girls? Kupono, Jason, Ade, Randi, Melissa, Kayla
Going home? Kupono, Randi

ETA: Or not. DialIdol has Evan and Randi far ahead in the green, no one else is close, they're all in yellow and Jason is red. Okay, go Randi.

Hahaha, I do think that their plan to throw Evan under the bus --

by ...

(a) putting him with the tallest girl left
(b) putting his paired dance first
(c) his solo smack-dab in the middle
(d) giving him the Waltz
(e) have the group number for the guys be an African dance

-- failed spectacularly because Evan and Kayla were one of the better pairings tonight, and Evan's solo was just wonderful. Yes, he stood out (and not for the bestest reason) in the group number, but he did well and he was the only guy highlighted by the judges and they weren't negative about it. If he's in the bottom-three, I'll be shocked completely. GO EVAN!!!!
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