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Torchwood - Days One through Five

Finally sat down and watched it all together. Woohoo!!

Okay, overall, DAYUM! This was a sucker-punch. I could not believe they killed off Ianto (sadly, I wasn't that effected as he never was a favorite), but still wow. I spent most of the last "day" crying. Seriously. It started with the Frobisher part and his family, and then when the kids were being taken, and then when Jack used Steven. And, gah! It was just so painful. Rusty sure knows how to rip your guts out and then stomp all over them in stiletto heels!! Depressing end (unless you're a Gwen/Rhys fan and you were happy to know that the PM is going DOWN!), but true to the show because it's always been laced with melancholy and sadness. Even more than Rusty's Who. Still, it was done in such a way that if they (likely, I think) there's a fourth series, it can easily be picked up with Jack returning, Gwen and Lois part of the team. Aww, I loved Lois. I also loved how they brought in the families of Jack and Ianto (especially Ianto -- I loved his family).

Speaking of Jack and Ianto; I did appreciate how Rusty actually gave them some depth as a couple, which, in my opinion, had been missing completely through the first two years. I also liked the explanation about Ianto and sexuality, because I always was 'huh?' with him and Jack because of Lisa and no signs of homosexuality before he and Jack started. So, Ianto's statement that it was just him, just Jack fit and filled that backstory nicely.

All in all, great acting (Barrowman actually did a great job!) and great story. Very powerful stuff. As horrible as Jack's decision was to give the original twelve and then sacrifice Steven; God, it was horrible, it did have to be done. I kept thinking of this chapter in Max Brooks' World War Z that dealt with the solution and how as horrific as some decisions are, for the greater good, they DO have to be done. Twelve lives versus twenty-five million? One life versus millions? It's terrible, so, so terrible, but, there it is.

Great job, great stuff and Eve Myles continues to be so very, very, very awesome. I would die with glee if somehow, someway, she, Billie, Catherine Tate and Naoko Mori did some project together. It would be THE most awesome female-cast EVER assembled.

Ah, Rusty, you didn't disappoint. Now let's bring some of that magic for the last two episodes of Who and less of the crapola you offered for "The Planet of the Dead," kay?

Quick random thoughts --

- Totally irrelevant but it was early on and made me squee!! Martha and (better-be) Tom on their honeymooon!!!!

- Andy!!!! Love him.

- Lois BETTER be part of the team in series four. And bring Andy on too, dangit!

- As nice as it was to know the PM was going down, I couldn't help but think that the lady who would be in charge was nearly as bad.

- I thought it was a blooper when Bridget Spears said that she had that discussion with Lois, but I went back and checked and we do have a break between her telling Lois: "I should get back to work" and then there's a cut to her leaving. So yeah, nice move there.
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