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10 May 2005 @ 03:26 am
ESSAY: Is There Significance to the Spinning/Kissing? (S1 Spoilers)  
I was just looking at some screencaptures from the last couple of episodes and, for some reason, zeroed in on the spinning while kissing. And upon zeroing in on that, I noticed that they do this a lot. I mean a lot *a lot!*

1st Kiss - at the Camelot, they aren't spinning while they kiss, but the camera does.

2nd Kiss - at his house. Okay, no spinning

3rd Kiss - in the bathroom, it opens with them kissing and then they spin across the counter over to the other counter before he lifts her.

4th kiss - Kissing while turning/spinning in through the door.

5th kiss - Kissing while he spins/turns her around to get to the couch.

6th kiss - On the couch, no spinning.

7th kiss - Standing outside his house, they kiss/spin while opening the door.

8th kiss - They spin into the guest house/pool house (wherever they are) and kiss.

9th kiss - On the bed, no spinning.

So out of nine batches of kisses that we've seen, all but three involve some form of spinning while kissing and most of them pretty heavily so. Is there a specific reason for this? I know that not all of them are in the script because I saw the sides for one of the kisses and there is no description of spinning while kissing, yet so many feature some spin-factor alongside the kissing.

Is there a purpose to this? A subtle clue/read that we are supposed to take from it? I wonder if the point is to show (a) their relationship "spinning out of control," or (b) the giddy, joyful flight when one is spinning in circles or (c) a combination thereof? Or is it (d) something altogether? Or maybe finally, it's (e) there is no meaning.

What do you all think? It probably is nothing; I just find it very interesting that so many of their kisses have this one added element that you don't generally see employed all that often, but is there present in the vast majority of their kisses.
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beergirl__beergirl__ on May 11th, 2005 02:00 pm (UTC)
It's funny that I saw this post, because in rewatching I had totally noticed the same thing. In some scenes I felt it was purposeful, so while I'm not fully aware of the meaning, I do agree it is there for a purpose.

I like your idea of "spinning out of control" - possibly a foreshadowing for the ending which we all know now was not good.