Arabian (arabian) wrote,

SYTYCD (Evan/Randi only)

Worked last night so I couldn't vote, and I only watched Evan/Randi before I'm going to bed, so just comments on them ...

Stupid-ass judges. I am getting SO SICK AND TIRED OF THE BLATANT EVAN BUS-THROWING UNDER! He's so good, he's so dynamic that the only critique they can throw at him is half-assed, vague ones because they have nothing to actually stand on ... because to hell with you guys, he is THAT good, but heaven forbid you acknowledge it.

Tyce, your choreography sucks and tonight you ripped my boy apart BOTH ROUTINES! Tyce, you are dead to me. (Didn't take much, as you've barely been alive, but it's official now, you're dead to me!) Nigel, you started out well by complimenting him in the hip-hop without any negativity, not that you came near gushing, but at least I'll give full-on compliments. Then you had to go at him with the Samba. This pair is one of your favorites? Really, Nigel? Coulda fooled me. You could have fooled me. Mary and her continued back-handed compliments to Evan. I am getting so tired of it; I just want to scream in HER face! Ugh.

Finally, I'm getting really, really tired of them finding nothing wrong with Randi and then ragging on Evan. Their styles and builds are similar enough that any vague (nothing to it really) complaint about him should apply to her as well. But, of course, she doesn't have runaway train popularity, so they don't have to drag her down. No, it's all about knocking Evan out so that he doesn't surpass their favorites.

Tags: evan kasprzak, sytycd, tv

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