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Why Keith and Kendall?

Ever since I first saw Enrico Colantoni and Charisma Carpenter interact, I've had a small glimmer of "hmm ..." in regards to them. And their final scene blossomed that glimmer into an all-out "I want that!"

With that final scene, the show set up the perfect opportunity. And I think having conflict between Veronica and Keith would be a wonderfully interesting dynamic next season. Enrico Colantoni is one of only two actors I've ever seen Carpenter truly zing romantically with (the other is David Boreanaz). I know, Enrico? Go figure, but they just work well together and I want. I mean, honestly, imagine if they started actually dating because Kendall actually truly fell for the goofy, lovable Keith Mars charm and we'd get a classic Thanksgiving dinner -- Keith, Kendall, Veronica and Logan. Heeheehee. Boy, how the quips would fly, LOL!

Honestly, we've already seen the fucked-up relationships both Keith and Veronica pursue -- it would certainly be in keeping with that route. And I know that some will just say that Kendall is a "dirty, dirty whore," but Nevermind the Buttocks showed us that she isn't just a "dirty, dirty whore." We saw that there is more to her than we'd been led to believe. And my optimistic theory is that, hey! maybe she wouldn't screw him over, but instead actually fall for the truly lovable, wonderful man that Keith Mars is.

As for it making no sense considering the history, well, true, but ... Veronica and Logan make no sense. Veronica dating Duncan after what he did made no sense. Logan even somewhat falling for Hannah made no sense in light of the character. The latter two can be put down to plot mechanics to cause friction between Logan and Veronica, but even if you just take the one couple above that work ... Logan and Veronica, it makes no sense. After all they did, said, the way they treated one another, it makes no sense that they would be together. It just works because the actors have chemistry, because the story was woven together, they were thrown together to MAKE it work and because they DO have chemistry, it did.

Falling in love doesn't always make sense, even in real life, so even moreso on television. But when the couple works, they work -- whether it makes sense or not. Sure, on paper Keith and Kendall don't, but on paper, Logan and Veronica shouldn't ... but they do. Enrico and Charisma do have chemistry and play off of each other beautifully. So if written for it, Keith and Kendall could work.

The ickiness of their history, yeah, it's there -- but is Kendall sleeping with his daughter's boyfriend in the past all that much worse than Logan arranging bodyshots off of an unconscious Veronica? Bashing her headlights in? Leading the way for the most popular cliques in school to turn against her in a horrible way?

This is television and dark television at that ... yeah, they don't make sense. Look at the overwhelming popularity of Logan and Veronica ... making sense doesn't really matter when the chemistry and the writing collide to make it work.

So Keith and Kendall ... I want.
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