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SYTYCD - Top 14

So, So You Think You Can Dance -- come for the dancing, boo the judges!

I actually wasn't going to write anything up tonight, but (shocker!) Evan and Randi brought out the old laptop. So quick thoughts ...

Brandon/Jeannette - Another really well done number with them. That's two in a row, in my book.

Kupono/Kayla - This was fantastic. Period. They were so beautifully, wonderfully in sync even on some really tough beats. Great.

Evan/Randi - What a shock! Stuck in the middle because heaven forbid Evan have an actual shot, right, Nigel? Mary?/ Ugh. Okay, first off, was it just me or was that new choreographer a total biotch?! The routine ... was interesting, but I think I liked it as much as I did BECAUSE it was Evan/Randi dancing it and I LOOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEEE Evan and Randi. THEY made the routine, in my opinion, and both were fabulous. But on par with the judges, Evan disappoints. Screw them. Evan is awesome and they need to stop this campaign to bring him down. Poor Evan, when Nigel said he was disappointed, he looked like a sad, little puppy dog.

I have to say that while I disagreed with Mia, I think it was fair criticism, and didn't feel scripted, but her true thoughts on the performance by both. With Nigel and Mary, it was like they thought the routine, and both dancers, were fabulous but the script said damn Evan with faint praise and that's what they were going for, but he is too good. Still, considering what I'd heard, I expected a lot worse, so the fact that all they could pull out was some lame-ass wrist comment and vague bring it to the next level/disappointing is proof that they ARE trying to undermine him. Grrr.

Ooh! Scott Bakula in the audience!!!

Caitlin/Jason - Uhm, okay. That was just weird. Not Mia or Wade weird. But just weird, and yeah, I don't think I liked it. I guess they did a good job, and I still love Caitlin, but WTF?!?!?!? Oh, I did hate her costume, but was I supposed to? One thing, I did like how Caitlin/Jason kept in character all the way over to Kat. That was cool; I hope the judges liked it for Caitlin's sake. God, I hate agreeing with Mary. (I'm fine agreeing with Mia, though, I hated the tinfoil.)

Jeanine/Phillip - Wow, I think this is the first time that a couple has redone a style/choreographer so close together. I was disappointed because I'm one of the few who still likes Tabitha/Napolean and I think that so, so, sooooooo much more could have been done with the chain idea (especially with the key at the end), but it was very unimaginative in practice. Phillip and Jeanine were fine, it was the choreography I was unimpressed with.

Ade/Melissa - What a shock! Melissa got ballet!?!? Who would have ever guessed it!!! ::Rolls eyes:: They're beautiful dancers, but I feel absolutely nothing when they dance. Just nothing. They don't move me in the slightest. I know I'm in the minority there and I expect them to go far, I think Melissa got the loudest cheers for the opening dance solo. And I'm sure the judges will salivate over this. {Pause} Yuppers.

Karla/Vittolio - I thik it's Vittolio because there was the same disconnect here that was in most of the Asuka/Vittolio dances. It just didn't work for me. It didn't. Clearly, I disagree with the judges (and Nigel's a dick). I guess the technique was good, but the connection wasn't there for me at all, but I do still love Karla and I do agree that the choreography was wonderful. So, yeah, I think Vittolio is the problem for me. Sigh.

Top Three for me easily the first three dances

1. Evan/Randi (of course)
2. Kupono/Kayla
3. Jeannette/Brandon (twice in a row!)

Bottom three tomorrow? No clue.
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