Arabian (arabian) wrote,

So You Think You Can Dance Dance/Results

Quick thoughts on last night's dances and tonight's results ...

My three favorites, bar none, were:

1) Evan/Randi (SHOCKER ... not) I loved the routine and I think it worked so well BECAUSE it was Evan/Randi dancing it. I'm not sure it would have worked with a couple that didn't have the uber-cuteness factor. It would have come across as too sleazy otherwise.

2) Jeanette/Brandon (SHOCKER!!!) - for reals this time. I loved, loved this routine. Great choreography, great dancing, made me sit up and smile.

3) Jeannine and Phillip - I was surprised at (a) the fact that Tyce choreographed this, and (b) that Phillip did so well. I just enjoyed the heck out of it.

As for the bottom-three: I still like Caitlin bunches, but I get why she and Jason were in the bottom-three. There was NO connect between them, and honestly, I don't think she trusts him and that is IMPERATIVE when you dance like this. She's holding herself back from him, he's holding himself from her and it's just not working. They've GOT to get over it. With that said, her solo was GORGEOUS!

I'm surprised, but happy (sorry Asuka, I like you, but I've grown to like Karla more) to see them keep Karla, and lose Asuka. Hopefully, Karla and Vittolio can bring out the best in each other.

Sorta-related, I wasn't surprised to see the Michael Jackson bit, and I'm glad they did. He surely had his issues, but he was immensely, insanely talented. I still don't quite believe it.
Tags: evan kasprzak, sytycd, tv

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