Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Fall-out from the Rape Between Logan and Dick?

  • We know that there is a rapist loose on campus at Hearst.

  • We know that Veronica investigated one rape, but it was only to prove Troy innocent, not find the rapist.

  • We know that Veronica now knows she didn't just have consensual/drugged/possibly incestuous/forgotten notrape sex, but that she also was flat-out raped by Beaver.

  • We know that from all accounts, Dick was definitely a part of the equation that gave Beaver the opportunity to rape Veronica.

    So putting all of those together, it's quite likely that we will see some continuation of this story in season three. If that is the case, then what happens with Dick and Logan? After Beaver -- who actually chose to rape her -- Dick is by far the most responsible. He double-dosed Madison (who gave her drink to Veronica, unknowing that it was drugged); he fed her liquor shots after the double-dosing; he and Sean brought Veronica to a guest room with the sole intent of getting Beaver to have sex with her; he left her alone in that room with Beaver, fully expecting Beaver TO have sex with her.

    So, will this be addressed or will it be brushed over by Thomas and co., as Logan and Duncan's part in the notrape sex was? Will Veronica discuss it with Logan, thus leading Logan to find out exactly what part Dick played in the events that night? Will we see Logan and Dick at odds? Will Dick finally show remorse for his actions? Will part of next season's arc be about the relationship between Logan and Dick (who is at this point, Logan's only true friend) be explored?
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