Arabian (arabian) wrote,

So, SYTCD results

Thoughts ...

Hah, I wonder if seeing Kayla/Max in the bottom three will make Nigel realize that we are tired of being told who to love!!!!!!!!!

Probably not.

As for the other two? Well, I'm sorry, it wasn't the dancers, it was the crap-tastic choreography. Shane came back, but he did no one any favors.

I'm just happy that Caitlin (whose solo was GORGEOUS!), Evan, Carla and Kupono are safe. Speaking of Evan, wow, they're really setting a fanbase up for Ryan WELL in advance aren't they? I like him and all, but I think that was a bit much. (Although, Evan finding out then and there was cute.)
Tags: evan kasprzak, sytycd, tv

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