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So You Think You Can Dance, Top 18

Thoughts on tonight's dances (with a few quick reviews of some of last week's numbers again) ....

Evan/Randi - First of course. Something tells me they do not want Evan to win, or come close because he was 4th last week and then first this. And what the hell kinda critique was that? All three of them ripping on him? What the frick ever! I enjoyed it very much, and they kicked bootay!!

Ade/Melissa - Oh, I rewatched last week and it was lovely, but I still don't think it deserves the oohs! and aahs! it got. They were good this week again, but I think that Evan and Randi were better, but all the judges did was kiss their asses. Whatever.

Caitlin/Jason - I thought that Caitlin was fabulous, and Jason was very good too. The problem was that neither the song or Shane's supposed backstory fit at ALL with the choreography and dancing. The routine came across as a meet-cute between a boy/girl who then hooked up. Which was fine, but while the song may have fit Shane's story, his choreography didn't and that is where I think it fell flat. Although, I DO agree with Mary that their styles were not in sync. Still, Caitlin was AMAZING, but I don't know diddly-squat about hip-hop, so ::shrugs::

Jeanette/Brandon - It was well-done, but I thought they let Jeannette off the hook too much for that flub. This show has been on for five seasons and while I didn't watch the first, in the last four, I've never seen such an obvious fall-out (aside from the hideous Lauren, of course, and even hers wasn't nearly that bad). Again, with ass-kissing from the judges when I felt that Evan/Randi had a superior routine. So you know what? Screw you, judges. Oh, and Jeanette, I do like you, but Brandon doesn't NEED to work out -- he clearly has that body from, you know, dancing.

Asuka/Vittolio - That was absolutely beautiful. They did themselves proud and definitely made up for last week. Just beautiful, I have nothing else to add.

Max/Kayla - Okay, THIS week I was impressed with Max. That bit at the beginning was fabulous and I enjoyed him throughout, but the routine overall (and Kayla's outfit) was a hot mess for me. I think she's a great dancer, I do, but the judges are going way overboard (as they did last week) kissing her ass. It's called backlash, Nigel, look into it.

Jason/Carla - Shouldn't have been in the bottom-three last week, but Nigel, when you give them pretty much no face-time before the top 20, this kinda thing happens. Sigh. Once again, they were fabulous. Carla's pretty dang amazing and is quickly becoming my favorite girl after Caitlin. And Jason was beautiful. I really liked this new choreographer, not just for her amazing choreography but her presence. I loved seeing her giggle with the dancers.

Jeanine/Phillip - Again with the rewatch, and I do NOT get where Napoleon/Tabitha detractors are saying it was a rip-off of "Bleeding Love" -- which I've watched many, many times -- with the awesome Chelsie/Mark because it totally was not. Yes, a couple was fighting, but it was a different kind and there were two distinct storylines with different enough choreography. Ugh. Anyhoo, about this week ... Jeanine was gorgeous -- dancing and looks. Phillip was better than I expected, but still not great. He had a few really nice moves, but there were also a lot of moves that were just flat-out wrong (as the judges pointed out). However, they work very, very well together. They have a fabulous rhythm and chemistry and that will help them.

Kupono/Ashley - Okay, I rewatched the Crash Test Dummies routine and I totally missed it's awesomeness the first time around. That was amazing, and the ending was oh, killer. Oh, Wade, you magnificent genius, you! Oh, and garsh, I love Kupono's lists. I'm a list-person. Hee!

Alrighty, this week: Okay, what the hell happened to Shane Sparks? This was crap. Again, the song, nor his backstory remotely fit the choreography, and on top of that, the choreography was just kinda blah. And why the heck were they taking parts of their wardrobe off mid-way through? Huh. How was she his shadow if that only lasted 20 seconds or so? I feel bad for poor Kupono and Ashley to go from the genius of Wade to this? I can't even critique their dancing because the choreography was so bad. I guess they were good. I still like them lots. I dunno.

And, of course, the judges are blaming the dancers and not that crap-tastic choreography. Of course. Although, I think Nigel was skirting as close to saying "Shane's choreography sucked tonight" as he would possibly dare.

Anyhoo, that's tonight.
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