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'Set Down Your Glass' - Music Video

This isn't my first fanvid (I've made about four), but this is my first Sheldon and Penny vid. Also, you'll notice some of irrel's awesome artwork in the vid. Thank you soooooooooo much for letting me use it. It's (obviously) AU, but something about the song just screamed Sheldon and Penny to me. So this is them in a relationship already. There were a couple of lyrics that I just could NOT get to fit, so I edited them out of the song.

"Set Down Your Glass" by Snow Patrol

"Set Down Your Glass"

Just close your eyes
And count to five

Let's craft the only thing we know into surprise

Set down your glass
I painted this

To look like you and me forever as we're now

And I'm shaking then I'm still
When you're eyes meet mine I lose simple skills
Like to tell you all I want is now

You sing and I'm killed
I'm just not the same

As I was a year ago and each minute since then

And you say you'll sew me good as new and I know you will

And I'm shaken then I'm still
When your eyes meet mine I lose simple skills
Like to tell you all I want is now

Link to download the video: Set Down Your Glass. You can also watch it HQ at Youtube or for lesser quality, check out the embedded video here:

Tags: sheldon/penny, the big bang theory, vid

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