Arabian (arabian) wrote,

So You Think You Can Dance, Vegas, night 2

"Your Top 20" and my thoughts on each .... with my faves starred and my ultimate faves bolded and starred!!!

1. Janette - She's good, but doesn't do anything for me, so I'm pretty meh about her.
2. Vitolio - No clue, only seen a few small moments here and there, so I have no opinion yet.

I love Cat.

** 3. Kayla Radamski - Ooh, I liked her from her first audition. Yay! That's one I like. WOOHOO!

Mia prefers male to female dancers. In other breaking news, water is wet.

** 4. Kupono - WOOHOO!!! Love him. Yayers!!!
** 5. Paris Torres - And she's on my list, woohoo!!
6. Jeanine Mason - No clue.
7. Ade ....? - No clue.
8. Karla Garcia - No clue.
9. Jonathan Patero - No clue.
** 10. Brandon Bryant - I think he's fabulous; whatevs Lil C and Mia. I liked him last year, and I like him this year. Bite me, Mia. And I am with Mary because this is NOT the time to be tearing these dancers down after all they've been through this week. Go Brandon.
** 11. Tony Bellissimo - I disagree with you on him, Gerrie, sorry. I really like him.
12. Max - He's good, but didn't grab me, maybe when the top 20 starts he will.
** 13. Caitlin Kinney - Yay!!! My favorite girl made it. Woohoo!! I knew when I first saw her audition that she was special; I hope she continues to prove that early impression right. She's just lovely.
14. Melissa Sandee - No clue.
15. Jason Glover - We've heard them talk about him, but haven't really seen him.
16. Ashley - No clue.

Sigh, why can they NOT highlight all of the top 20 at some point during the rounds? Geez.

17. Randi Evans - No clue. Again. Did we see her and I just so don't remember her?

SUCKS about Alex Wong. I love him, stupid boss not letting him out of his contract, but *sigh* I can understand. Man, oh man, oh man. Geez. OT: KELLY!!!!!)

** 18. Phillip - I do like him, I hope that he can be as awesome in all genres as his own.
** 19. Asuka - Yay!!!! Love her. She's so gorgeous and delicate, lovely and beautiful.

Aww, the brothers are tearing up, they know that this means one of them doesn't make it. Aww.

** 20. EVAN!! Kasprzak - I knew it was coming, but I was still worried, and when Nigel said Evan was through, I couldn't help but cheer with joy!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to the HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! EVAN!! Sorry for Evan's Bro, but, yeah it's all about the EVAN!! Love him, love him, love him!!!!

Nine out of twenty is a much higher number than ever I've liked pre-top 20, so this is shaping up to be an awesome season. And you know ... EVAN!!!! (I hope that he's paired with Caitlin or Asuka, or possibly Paris.)
Tags: evan kasprzak, sytycd, tv

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