Arabian (arabian) wrote,

'Windy!' on 'Law & Order' + Tanya Fischer praise

So I was watching the season finale of Law & Order (excellent, by the way), and early on I heard an oh-so familiar voice. It was Windy!!! aka Tanya Fischer from US Life on Mars. Squee!!! She only had one scene, and was obviously wearing extensions on LoM, but she was just as delightful and joyful as ever. I'd love to see her actually get something regular because she's just awesome.

And, look! I made an icon. In fact, while looking for an image to use, I came across this review of LoM that had a whole paragraph (the last) devoted to her awesomeness ... in Variety no less!!
Also, a shout-out is due to thesp Tanya Fischer, who played Windy, Sam's ditsy-hippie neighbor. She was only in four episodes but she always stood out with an infectious vivaciousness. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of her.
I sure hope so!!!

Tags: law & order, life on mars, tanya fischer, tv

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