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So You Think You Can Dance, Vegas, night 1

Here we go, commenting on those I already mentioned. If any new ones catch my attention, I'll mentino them too.

Alex Wong - I liked him in the little bit we saw in the early auditions, and I like him even more. WOW!


- Aww, Talia and Chimezie were cut right away. Oh well.


- Priscilla and Evan made it through hip-hop, yay!! Take that Nigel!!! He looked good in the little bit we saw.


- So Phillip made it, but Arielle didn't. Ah well. Kinda unfair really, because he was AWFUL and she looked lovely. But, hey Asuka and Ricky made it. Woohoo! And, AWESOME!! Priscilla got praise and made it through another round. (Hmm, she was shown getting through to both, so maybe she IS top 20. I hope so, I like her lots.) Wheee! Nabuyo made it through.


- It's such a shame about Natalie, cuz that rehearsal was so good. That sucks. Sigh. Brandon's amazing. Shoulda gone through last year (over Joshua and Twitch). Eh, I disagree with Mia and Lil C. Whatevs! Woohoo!! Priscilla made it through, and was spotlighted yet again!! Asuka made it, too. Whee!! Okay, one group left and no word on Evan this round despite the preview about him and bro (and the Kinney sisters), so I think it's safe to say that he, bro, and the sisters (Megan and Caitlin) have made it through thus far. Yay.

I don't think Gaby should make it through, or have even been given this solo chance. Others were cut for doing much better than her, and the judges give her this opportunity? Not fair. And if she DOES make it through all the way to the top 20, it's a slot unfairly taken because she can't do the other styles of dance ... as already shown! Geez! Just not fair.


- Ooh, Evan and Caitlin are in the same group! So Silky made it through all the way to this round, but that group number was bad, but I still love Silky. At least, he made it to dance for his life. I think he can do it. Ooh, he seems so confident, that's worrisome.

KELLY!!!!!! AGAIN!!!!

Yay!! Brandon and Priscilla made it through, woohoo! YAY, PRISCILLA!! Hmm, no Evan/Caitlin group, so I'm going to assume they just made it through at this point. Evan's Bro's group, if he choreographed it, they're lucky. Great routine. Aww, I was afraid that the bit of confidence from Silky meant he didn't make it. Oh well.

Woohoo!! Preview!! Evan! and I saw Megan Kinney too. (If you can't tell my pre-20 faves are Evan, Caitlin and Megan Kinney and Priscilla.)


- I hope that Brandon impresses Mia this time. So seeing Evan, Evan's Bro, Nabuyo and Alex Wong in the group who've made it thus far. Amanda and Nabyuo ::sniff:: are gone now, oh well. Oh, do good, Megan!! WHOOO!! She made it though. Okay, Caitlin, now you do good! Sigh, or not. Phew!! She can dance for her life, she can do it, right!?!?! Pretty please!!! I love her. Come on, Mary!!! THANK GOD!! I'd scream like Mary if I weren't afraid of waking up the neighbors!!! Aww, sister-love, it's a beautiful thing.

Ooh! Evan and Evan's Bro -- if he makes it to top 20, I'll call him by Ryan. Go, Evan's Bro. Thanks for the nerves by making Evan later. Grr. Thank you, Mia. Lovely flea hops, Evan. Aww, brother-love, it's a beautiful thing. Whoo, Paris Torres made it through, and I'm thinking that since we saw them that Phillip and Asuka made it through as well.

Aww, I hope Tony Bellismo makes it through, he's done good this week. Come on, Tony!! YAY!!! He made it through to the next round. Go Tony!! Aww, Tony. I love Cat!!!


Uhm, preview? I SAW EVAN IN THAT STACK OF TOP 20 CARDS, thank you very much!

- Speaking of ... Evan and Evan's Bro. Ooh, Asuka and Ricky Sun still there. Woohoo! Saw Priscilla in the crowd shot. Paris Torres is there too.

- You go, Priscilla creating a pose. She's so sparkly!! She BETTER make it! (Lots of Megan's.) DAMNIT!!! Both Priscilla AND Megan Kinney were cut. NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Damnit, damnit, damnit!! Caitlin better make it. Grr. Ooh, I'm so mad about Priscilla the most. Grrrr. I loved her. Well, Asuka, Paris Torres and Caitlin made it at least this far. One more step.

- Evan and Evan's Bro BETTER kick ass here. So I saw those two, Brandon, Tony, Phillip and Ricky Sun still here. WOOHOO! And they all made it. One more step.

GAH!! I thought we were going to find out today. I can't wait until tomorrow!!! GAH!!!!!!!!!!!! OMIGOD!!! PREVIEW!!! It's going to be between Evan and Evan's Bro last tomorrow. They were the only two shown standing next to one another and that's how they do it. Sorry, Evan's Bro ... it better frickin' be Evan or I may boycott the show this season.

I gotta say this episode was AWESOMELY done. Great editing of the Vegas week.

Who I want in the top 20 that I know are still here:

2. Caitlin
3. Asuka
4. Paris Torres
5. Ricky Sun
6. Brandon
7. Alex (if he's still here)
8. Tony

Not even putting Evan's Bro, because I really think it's going to be between those two at the end there. Sigh. IT BETTER BE EVAN!!!!
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