Arabian (arabian) wrote,

I rescued, thus own a new kitten!

I was outside, walking around to get some exercise while talking with Tracie when I heard a kitten crying. Being me and my love of cats, I had to investigate. It took a few minutes (no doubt annoying poor Tracie in the prospect with my 'meow's thrown into the middle of our Broadway discussion), but the kitten came out. He cuddled up to me right away. I got him home, got off the phone and set about setting him up. Washed him, fed him, showed him the litter box and now he's ensconced on my lap while I type. I already have two cats and really don't need a third, but it was fate. I didn't go looking, he was just there and I HAD to save him!

So anyway, Whenever I get a new cat, I like to name it something that has to do with my current obsession, but not an actual name. I've found that I (naturally) think of that name for the cat as opposed to the obsession and I don't want to do that. So I thought and thought and thought and finally came up with something I like. It's dorky, but it works for me. Poseidon Love. See, cuz Poseidon is the Greek counterpart to the Roman god, Neptune! Heeheehee!! he's adorable and my two other cats will deal soon enough!!

My oldest boy (Doyle) got over getting the second cat (Burl, another rescued one) in about week, hopefully this will be quicker. Doyle is still hissing away, while Burl is just staring, mighty curious, while little Poseidon keeps following me around and then when Burl gets close, trying to rub all up against Burl. So cute. (If anyone's wondering Doyle comes from Doylestown and Burl comes from Burleson, the first would be Justin Guarini's hometown and the second Kelly Clarkson's hometown. Justin and Kelly, my last obsession. I still love them, but I've moved on from obsession.)

He looks a little like this picture, but he's a bit darker grey, with more of his body colored in the grey and only the white under his tummy and throat.

ETA: Okay, Poseidon Love is totally not working as a name. So I was thinking more and decided to continue with the Love theme and am calling him Cupid Jase. And Cupid works.

ETA again: No, it doesn't. Sigh. I think I like Dakota. I'm not declaring it again in case it doesn't work. It's my fave song from the VM soundtrack, fits really well with LoVe and played over a LoVe scene, and seems to fit him so ...
Tags: cats, real life

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