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Random things, including a few mini-rants ...

- I watched Up yesterday with the family. LOVELY, WONDERFUL film. In fact, it's number two on my list of Pixar flicks.

01. Ratatouille
02. Up
03. Monsters Inc.
04. Finding Nemo
05. Cars
06. A Bug's Life
07. Toy Story 2
08. Toy Story 1
09. Wall-E
10. The Incredibles

Of the ten, I absolutely love the first eight, but I do find the last two very, very good and I liked them a lot. (Yes, I just don't get the splendor of Wall-E. I know, I know, I'm in the minority.) That's a damn good record. As for Up, I haven't cried as much during a children's movie since The Fox and the Hound. I was a mess after the first five minutes with Carl and Ellie's love story, and I teared up every single time there was some mention/memory of Ellie. DAMN! Great film, poignant, deep, hilarious, wonderful, fabulous, the superlatives all fit and a gagillion more.

- Oh, Doctor/Rose fandom, I generally love you so much, but there are two things -- one admittedly greater than the other -- that drive me bonkers. The first: When people refer to TenII as "Handy." When it's done randomly as a joke or occasionally, I can brush it off, but when it's used as if that's his name, I cringe. It just sounds so insulting. And maybe I'm missing out on some great fic, but whenever someone lists the characters as "Handy/Rose," I don't even give it a chance. Grrr.

But that's nothing compared to the distinguishing between The Doctor/Rose and Ten/Rose. Rose fell in love with the Doctor when he was NINE, not Ten. She loves Ten, absolutely. But it was NINE that she fell in love with, so to just refer to the characters in their great love story* as just Ten/Rose as opposed to Doctor/Rose gets me riled up. It diminishes the amazing foundation that was built in series one and that just doesn't sit well with me.

* Outside of Nine/Ten/etc. related fic or vids is fine so we know which Doctor is featured. It's fine, but the opposite applies in that when ONLY Ten (or Nine -- although that rarely happens) is featured, yet the vid/fic lists Doctor/Rose -- specify if you're only showcasing one of them, please. I know I'm particular about this, huh? LOL!

- I REALLY should not watch Michael Jordan's greatest moments right after watching the Eastern Conference basketball game 6. Sigh. Now, I'm not even interested in watching the Western Conference basketball game 6, because I know nothing will compare to the wonder of Jordan.

Okay, done.

ETA: If you have thoughts you want to add (a) read ALL of my actual post, as opposed to just the comments you want to attack, (b) don't be rude, and (c) don't go anonymous. You do any of that and you'll get deleted as an anonymous individual just did. Geez!
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