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30 May 2009 @ 11:34 pm
So You Think You Can Dance, Auditions, 2 & 3  
Repeating my intro from last week: I'm gonna jot down the dancers I like, not necessarily who I think we'll make it, but just the ones I really like. (Note, I do write my thoughts down before the judges speak because I want to put my opinion down before I hear them.) I went back and reread my thoughts on last season and the three I loved that didn't make it through were Jeremiah Hughes, Sheila Kaiser and Evan (didn't jot his last name down, but I remember that I frickin' loved him). Hopefully, at least one of them pops back up this audition round and makes it through.

Anyhoo, the ones I liked ...

Priscilla Marrero - Lovely dancer, GORGEOUS extension. And also, yes, she's VERY pretty. Aww, "I'm Priscilla, I'm a dancer."

Joseph Smith - I can't help it, I like him. And he's good. I do hope he does well at choreography. Yay, I'm glad he made it. From the little bit we saw, he looked sharp and dynamic.

UGGGHHHH!! The return of Lauren. UGHGGGHGHGHGHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, I will comment on the ickiness of dealing with her every fricking time I have to see her or even hear her name. UGH!! UGH!! UGH!!

Eric "Silky" Moore - I was iffy because I already listed a tap dancer, but that end butterfly kick (just made up that name, LOL!) made me grin. Lovely.

Paris Torres - Thank goodness she's very good, because I HAVE to root for. One of my all-time favorite couples is Paris/Torres from Star Trek:Voyager. That's right: Paris/Torres. I have to root for this girl. As for her dancing, she is great. Flirty, but not slutty, fabulous lines and extension. (Hated the skirt, though.)

Megan Kinney - The little bit we saw was lovely. Refreshing and nice lines.

Alex Wong - Again, in the little bit we saw, he was good. Some really nice lines and extension.

Talia Rickards - I actually agreed 100% with what Mary said. She's fiery, she has potential, there's something there, but she definitely needed to go through choreography. I think based on the little we saw, she still may not have enough. But she has something. She definitely does.

Caitlin Kinney - Kind of unfair that she got so much more face-time than her sister (although, I liked the little bit I saw of her sister), but I won't hold that against her, because she was lovely. She's a very pretty dancer, nice lines. She has great control, and as she nearly reached the end, I figured out the word I was looking for: Delicate. There's a delicate beauty to her dancing. Just lovely. I think she's top 20.

I'm not saying that I like or dislike her, I just have to ask what the hell Anna Dunn was doing? She can clearly dance, but that head bopping, and those weird contortions? Just weird, and distracted me from her dancing. (Wow, Nigel said the same thing.)

EVAN Kasprzak - I just have one question? HOW THE HELL DID HE NOT MAKE IT THROUGH LAST YEAR!?!?!? They never told us why. And he's just as wonderful and fabulous and AMAZING as last year. I *think* the fact that they're spotlighting him and he's still so awesome means that he's top 20 this time. HE BETTER BE!!!!!!!!!!!! That showmanship, the technique, the precision, the lines, the extension, the height, the WOW!! Love him.

Erm, screw you, Nigel! You'll let poppers through who can do nothing else, but a classically-gifted dancer like him, you didn't give a chance to try other styles? In just the little bit we've seen of Evan, he's clearly a better dancer than Joshua, Twitch and even my beloved Gev from last season. Whatever, Nigel, whatever.

RE: The twins ... I'm sorry, did I watch a different performance than the judges? Were they blinded by good-looking twins (Nigel), their story value (Nigel/Mary)? Because that was not solid. Both of them more than once fell the slightest step out of moves. That's not solid, that's not great technique. Whatever, judges. I dunno, I didn't see anything worth putting them through, but at least they didn't send them straight through to Vegas, but based on Nigel's schtick about hating to separate families (which will no doubt lead to him saying they won't), I'm sure they both go.

Sorry, Evan's brother, I'm not amused by the whoopie cushion dance. He better not take attention away from Evan, damnit! I'm sure Evan wouldn't mind, but I will.

Okay, next night of auditions ....

It's a shame that Calico didn't make it through (and I don't disagree), but seeing her and Adam dance was delightful. The past contestants, especially FRIGGIN' Lauren, judging Adam I could have done without, but Adam was cute, and Adam and Calico dancing made me smile. And nice to know that he's "21sh."

Asuka Kondoh - She's adorable and a gorgeous dancer. Such sharp, clean lines. Wow.

Ricky Sun - Not as much POP! in the personality, but like Asuka, fabulous sharp and clean lines.

Nathan Trasoras - I could see him KILLING Mia's choreography. In fact, she'd probably be having an orgasm if she was a judge watching him. Wow. Just breathtaking. (The pretty looks don't hurt. Melikes my eye candy on SYTYCD.) Just WOW! I typed the first part up to the parentheses half-way through his routine, went back to watch and he did that spin, slowing into that leg sweep and just WOW! He's just ... whoah. This kid has sheer, unadulterated talent. He's blessed.

DAMNIT!!! I didn't realize 17 wasn't eligible. Why do they do this to us!??!?!? I won't see him dance again until possibly the fall!?!??! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! *sigh* I'm sooooooo not a Nigel fan, but giving Nathan his next-season-to-Vegas-pass now? Made me love him momentarily because boy was goooooooooooooood.

Amanda Kirby - Very lovely. Nice control, great center. A little too generic California girl looks -- who really needs to do her roots!, but lovely dancer. Hmm, post-judges comments: I actually disagree with Nigel in that I thought her dancing was more stand-out than her looks; I'm more with Mary.

I like that Phillip from last year who did make it through to Vegas, but legitimately couldn't go to Vegans, was sent straight through because it makes sense; they already know that he can do it, and had likely seen enough in the little bit of warm-up to know that he still has it.

Arielle Coker - Lovely job, and her and Phillip had great chemistry. Her personality I like a lot.

They do showcase bad dancers, but I have to give this show its due in that they spend SO MUCH MORE TIME on the good dancers. I really appreciate this, especially when the similarly styled (though vocal) AI spends so much time on the bad singers.

Kuponohi'ipoi Aweau - I just have to shout out my mad-pronunciation skillz first! When I realized that Cat was going to try and pronounce his name, I ffed ahead to read his name and pronounced it how I thought it should be ... and I was right. Cuz I have that skill. As for his dancing, he's quite, quite good. Reminds me of Mark a little, but that could be because (a) he's Hawaiian, (b) the hair and (b) the style of dance. But reminding me of Mark Kanemura is not a bad thing at all. (Though, Mark was a little zanier, hee!)

Judges comments: Pshaw, stupid Mary, you weren't appreciative enough of Mark either. Ooh, Mia and Nigel liked him, and Nigel saw the Mark-similarity as well. And complimenting this guy can be taken as well-deserved compliment for Mark ... cuz he didn't compliment him enough during his season. Pfft.

I know he has no shot, I know that Nigel knows he has no shot, but I actually appreciated them letting Sex go to the choreography round. It won't hurt anything, and, I don't know, I thought it was a genuinely good-hearted gesture on Nigel's part. And even when he cut him, he wasn't rude or mean about it.

So no Jeremiah or Sheila, but hey, I got my Evan back at least. (Okay, Gerrie, we share co-ownership.) He BETTER make it through to the top 20.

And that's all she wrote.
darcicomplexity on June 1st, 2009 05:43 pm (UTC)
I also loved Nathan Trasoras - can't wait to see what he has in store for us next season. However, I get the feeling that the show's producers knew he was going to be awesome and also knew he was only 17, and only included him in this audition to get people excited to tune in for next season. Smart marketing move? I dunno. Kind of lame though.

Anyway, none of this is Nathan's fault, as all he does is dance. And boy does he DANCE. I love the sweeping, dramatic way he dances, and I was also so happy to see that he was dancing to “Pollen and Salt” by Daphne Loves Derby that he completely won me over. There’s a clip of his audition at : http://modestcomplexity.blogspot.com/2009/05/daphne-loves-derby.html
Arabian: Dancing Cucumberarabian on June 2nd, 2009 08:51 am (UTC)
Ooh, I'll have to check out that clip. Thanks for the link. He was beautiful. :)
harper47harper47 on June 3rd, 2009 09:26 am (UTC)
Great review and we pretty much agree on almost everything. I do think that Evan has a good shot at making it this year because I think Nigel does read the boards and saw how much commentary he got last year.

I was very distracted that week so I don't remember much now but Evan, the sister in Memphis (gorgeous dancer) and the tall tapper in Miami who danced to thriller were my favs that week. I think I missed the Mark like dancer (boo me). And you know - I agree about Sex. He's so pathetic and yes, a famewhore but Nigel was at least sympathetic and nice this year and I didn't mind him as much as I normally do.

I'm getting a girl is going to win vibe from Nigel this year. Hmmmm. This better not be a Sabra shoved down our throats type of thing.
Arabian: Chelsie & Markarabian on June 3rd, 2009 09:38 am (UTC)
Yeah, it sure seemed like we really agreed on this round. It's a shame you missed the Mark-like dancer, but here ya go: (The description at youtube mentions Mark, LOL!)