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22 May 2009 @ 02:47 am
So You Think You Can Dance, Auditions,1  
I'm gonna jot down the dancers I like, not necessarily who I think we'll make it, but just the ones I really like. I went back and reread my thoughts on last season and the three I loved that didn't make it through were Jeremiah Hughes, Sheila Kaiser and Evan (didn't jot his last name down, but I remember that I frickin' loved him). Hopefully, at least one of them pops back up this audition round and makes it through.

Anyhoo, the ones I liked ...

Peter Sabasino (the tap-dancer) - I'm curious to see what else he can do. He was very good though, and clearly a showman.

Nabuyo - I didn't write him down at first, but when he was stepping up after the choreography round, I thought: 'I really hope he makes it.' And I smiled big when he did, so yeah, I'm putting him down.

UGGGHHHH!! The return of Lauren. UGHGGGHGHGHGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arielle Taylor - I liked her, but didn't like the choreography.

Kellan Stancil - Gorgeous dancer. I think the umbrella was unnecessary, and excessive face-pulling, but gorgeous, gorgeous dancer. Ohh, I'd written my comment above before he spoke, and hearing what the umbrella represents. Awwww. So beautiful. (And I imagine the face-pulling was more trying to hold back his emotion.)

Chimezie - REALLY good use of music, the beats in sync with the choreography. Hopefully, he can apply that gift to more than just hip-hop. Excellent job. After he got his Vegas ticket, I was like, 'yeah, he's my favorite right now!' Love him.

Kayla Radomski - She was very, very good. And, yes, dangit the grandparents got to me too.

Aww, Gerrie, I can't help but think of you whenever they spotlight anything about Sonya.

I can, but I can NOT believe that Nigel said the two guys dancing together would alienate most of their audience. Yes, some of it, but not most of it. God, Nigel, not everyone is a homophobic ass like you!!!

Brandon Bryant - I recognized his name from last year's post and sure enough I did write him up glowingly --
- Brandon Bryant -- I think he should point his toes more -- which, honestly, considering the talent on display here, was likely part of the choreography. Overall, I thought he was amazing. Just amazing.
This year, I think I liked the choreography better last year, but he's still amazing. Hopefully, he makes it through this time!!!!

So no Jeremiah, Evan or Sheila, but the auditions aren't over yet.

And that's all she wrote.
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harper47harper47 on May 22nd, 2009 01:09 pm (UTC)
Sonya was a hoot. I think she was a little over the top on the judge's table but I love her so much I don't care.

I didn't get to see it till this morning and I fast forwarded through all the poppers/hip hoppers since I am so over them (and Nigel will OBVIOUSLY not have a hip hop winner this year as he tends to be like Tyra in that the winner ALWAYS has to be different than the year before).

I think Natalie, Brandon and the blonde girl (Kayla)are a lock for top 20. I thought the umbrella dance was a little over the top but, as you said, I do get why. But . . . . I don't think he'll make it. There are far too many contemporary boys out there and I don't think he is "tv friendly" if that makes any sense.

I do think Brandon is going to get the "personality" arc and they've already laid the foundations down with that. Natalie will get the "compared with Katee" arc.

I was at a competition last weekend and one of the dancers from Dancetown studio was telling people she already made top 20 so I'm waiting to see her next week. Very blonde, gorgeous and a magnificent dancer. Nigel will eat her up.

Yea -all those comments from Nigel were so stupid. He just doesn't have a clue sometimes but I imagine he's looking at "hey we just got put on in the fall" so I can do anything right now.

I'm not going to get invested in anyone till the top 20 though this year because I wanted Evan to be in it so much last year.