Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Clips from 'The Body Politic'

Thanks to halfway2home, and posted at cw_bodypolitic. Oh, Jason.

Thoughts ... Jason was utterly adorable and winn-able and charming and just perfect. GAH! Stupid CW!!!!

Minka Kelly was surprisingly not bad, I thought. And they changed her name from Hope to Frankie. YES!!!! Jay Hernandez was likable, but defintely not drop-dead gorgeous as described in the script. Still, I like him.

Unlike many other reactions, I did see a definite CW-vibe. The final rooftop scenes were so CW-y, it's not even funny. I can't believe the show passed on this, sigh. It FEELS like a CW show, but has intelligence and great actors all-around.

Sigh, this could have been so good. Stupid, stupid CW. I know there's still a smidgen of hope that it will get picked up for a midseason, but it should be highlighted and spotlighted on their FALL schedule!!! Sigh, I'll take it at midseason at this point, though, pretty please?!?!?
Tags: jason dohring, tv

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