Arabian (arabian) wrote,

OMG! Jim Parsons is soooooooo adorable!!!

youmiles is so the awesome!!! She posted this over at parsons_fans and it was just THE cutest thing, so I posted it at sheldon_penny and here too. I just had to bring it over here.

- "I amazed at the amount of 'Oh well, they know that." Eyes wide in shock, voice rises: "What do you what?! Come on."

- "I think they think I'm smarter than I am."

- Ladies with the hand fetish!! There are three screens of hand close-ups at one point!!!!!

- His reaction to having to do the rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock hand motions. Hee!

- "I can just be a fool at times."

- So has to be pointed out twice ... "Oh, that sounds dirty."

- His little mischievous smile when he says about data collecting is "really as interesting as it sounds." Note though, I actually do think that sounds interesting. How sad am I?

- The best part!!! That little celebratory arm raise/smile at the end. A-DOR-ABLE!!!!!!!!!!

Love him to bits.
Tags: jim parsons, press, squee

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