Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Allison Janney has GOT to Join 'Studio 60'

So I'm at the beginning of Season Five of The West Wing -- I started watching it a month ago and am completely in love with it. (I know ... Where have I been!) Anyhoo, I personally think that Allison Janney (whom I've loved since her days as Ginger the maid on Guiding Light) is the best thing since sliced bread. So much adoration for her, there simply are no words.

Well, anyway, unlike everyone else on the planet apparently, I think that she and Bradley Whitford (Josh) have the best chemistry of anyone else in the cast (not that I mind Josh and Donna, I like them, I just think Whitford (whom I also adore) and Janney have the mostest chemistry among the cast.) Anyhoo, anyone who has watched TWW knows that there was nothing, no how, no way ever about CJ and Josh anywhere -- not even online. This still baffles me beyond comprehension, but I digress.

Anyway, I recently saw Matthew Perry (another one I adore) in his 2nd appearance on the show and was blown away by the chemistry HE shares with Janney. (I thought it was better than the Whitford/Janney chemistry and would put the Perry/Janney chemistry way, way up there of any couple chemistry.)

So, I've decided that sometime during the run of Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (hopefully in the first 13 episodes or so) Janney HAS to join the cast. Her chemistry with both Whitford AND Perry is too good to not be enjoyed more. Also, not being able to watch her regularly would just be a crime against anyone who loves to watch great acting on a regular basis.

Seriously. Allison Janney simply MUST join Studio 60. She just must.
Tags: allison janney, studio60, the west wing, tv

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