Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Wishful hoping from a Sheldon/Penny shipper?! Yeah, likely.

Rambling a bit about an interview with Bill Prady, co-creator of The Big Bang Theory. I wrote in this thread at Paradox, the sheldon_penny comm, that linked to a Variety interview:

"That was actually quite promising. Other than saying that Sheldon wouldn't take Penny as his date to the Nobel Prize, but his mom, he didn't rule out any Sheldon/Penny stuff. Didn't push any Penny/Leonard stuff. He even had the opportunity quite a few times and didn't. There were several questions that hinted at Sheldon and sexuality and Sheldon and Penny, and only one that referenced Penny and Leonard and it was negative. Plus, he flat-out said that they aren't locking themselves into anything with firm plans on the endgame.

Definitely positive overall!"

Thinking more on that, I absolutely stand by that. Not only that, maybe I'm a little cuckoo, but I kinda think that Bill Prady just *might* be on our side, or at least leaning there. Why? Read more...Collapse )
Tags: sheldon/penny, the big bang theory, tv

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