Arabian (arabian) wrote,

Amazing Race 9 Finale -- FINALLY!!!

I have been watching reality shows since Survivor -- I watch American Idol, The Amazing Race, The Apprentice, Survivor, Project Runway, America's Next Top Model and Top Chef. And in near 40 seasons of reality tv, I have never, ever, EVER had my fave win. Ever!! Well, TAR season 9 changed that! YES!!

BJ and Tyler: The Hippies. They were one of three teams I liked from episode one and were my favorites and as the other two teams were eliminated, they were left standing and at the end they won it all. First time ever. I was so happy, I was standing up and watching the screen like I have so many times before in anticipation and this time -- FINALLY!!!! -- my favorites won.

What an awesome feeling it is. It's great! Now I know how millions of other couch potatoes felt when their faves won. Yay!

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