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27 April 2009 @ 04:12 am
The thing about reality tv contestants  
My favorite left on Survivor is Sierra. A few days ago I read some press and information on her from people who knew her that was less than flattering. And then I felt slightly guilty because, damnit!, I still liked her, but I realized something. Even though, technically, these are real people just being themselves in these reality shows, really they are molded by the editors to tell a story, create characters to love, hate and in-between. So perhaps the real Sierra isn't all that likable, but for me, the 'character' Sierra as edited by Survivor is. It was the same case for Sugar last year, as well as countless other reality tv contestants throughout the years.

Moral of the story: The real person may not be someone that I would admire or even like in real life, but as they are edited, like with any admitted scripted show, I fall for the characters I like. It's as simple as that. Reality be damned.
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hiddeneloisehiddeneloise on April 27th, 2009 04:20 pm (UTC)
There's precious little reality in reality TV. It's not like watching a security camera at a store. Things get edited, certain behaviors get provoked, and being under a microscope like that is never conducive to the best or the most sincere behavior.

That in conjunction with the fact that all the people who ever consent to be on a reality show of any kind are exhibitionists by nature and are more than likely to have a ton of issues, you can take away what you like. You may -- and probably should -- approach them as characters. They are certainly being presented as such. Hell, they are practically shoved into archetypes: the nice person, the joker, the evil bitch, the hell-raiser, the mother-earth, the baby, the naive... No one's that simple and no one's that appealing or un-appealing in real life.

I say enjoy it for what it is, and, unless you are planning to ever meet this person in real life, who cares if they do or don't live up to their on-screen persona?