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More Television Thoughts ....

Caught up on some more shows that I missed whilst my four-day 12-hour shift weekend happened.

Quickly, and no spoilers: Castle remains adorable and enjoyable and just all-out awesome.

The Amazing Race

I liked Mel & Mike, but this week just confirmed that I'm totally rooting for, as I have been from the beginning, Jaime and Cara. I know that Jaime is a bitch, but she's so aware of it. She doesn't make excuses for herself, she knows that she's impatient and gets irritated easily when she's frustrated and vents more and in ways she shouldn't. But she and Cara both are still trying to have as much fun as they can when they can. And seriously, on a shallow note, I'm so jealous of her because even under these circumstances, I think she is so freaking gorgeous!!!! And I'm sorry, but like their upset with the cab driver a few episodes ago -- HE LEFT THEM!!!! -- I had no problem with Cara's comment about the water. She didn't say it was nasty or wretched and disgusting, just pointed out the truth, it was dirty brown water, as opposed to turquoise waters in Florida. Earlier in the episode when I first saw the water and the kids playing it, I felt awful because they were playing in dirty, brown water. Saying something is what it is is NOT an insult. Whatever, I love them. Then I like Victor and Tammy, and Margie. Luke, blech!!! The stuntmen? blech!! The sisters, eh, kinda boring.


You know, I've never actually loved Tony. I've liked him, but never loved him. I LOVED Larry Moss. So screw you, Tony!! DIE! TONY!! DIE!! You cold-bloodedly murdered Larry. DIE, TONY, DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damnit, why couldn't he have killed Renee Walker? Ugh. Still can't stand her.

I was surprised by how moved I was by the Jack/Kim stuff because I've never liked Kim, but I think because despite her annoyingness of the past and her absence lately, there's still such history and connection there. That was a really good scene with them.

But yeah, all I'm left with at the end of this is: DIE!! TONY!!! DIE!!!!


Yeah, so Victor is totally my favorite doll now. Enver Gjokaj is a wonderful, wonderful find. We've seen him as four different characters now and more than any other "doll," he's been the most believable in each role. And I pretty much have loved each role. (And so I replaced Echo with him in my 'Dollhouse' icon.) And now, I am totally shipping him and Dewitt, even though neither "Roger" nor "Catherine" were real. Speaking of ... how shocking was the Roger/Catherine thing? Man, when he showed up and Adelle turned around as "Catherine," my jaw literally dropped. I was definitely surprised.

And then making Lawrence Dominick the mole, that was another shocker. As was how Dewitt dealt with him. And then, and then, even though it was much earlier on, November revealing herself to Paul in the middle of an intimate moment with Mellie, I just felt so much for him.

You've got to give it to this show, it's very unexpected. Things happen that you just DO NOT see coming. My only problem at this point remains, once again, Eliza Dushku. Seriously, it's like Echo/Caroline could be gone and I wouldn't care. She's the weakest actor in the cast, and by far the least interesting "doll." Unless, we're seeing her relationship with Boyd. ::sniffsniff: to the moment when she was being imprinted to trust another handler, but, she was looking *at* Boyd, so maybe it won't take??

Interesting how they showed the different focus on the dolls, re-doing sections and what-not. Overall, this was another really strong episode, which I was happy to see after last week's so-so (imo) episode.
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